The Superhero Media Crossover Project

Artist Combines Marvel Comics Art With Superhero Film Screenshots For 'Superhero Media Crossover Project'


Artist Butcher Billy combines the artwork of Marvel Comics with screen shots from their popular film adaptions in a collection called "The Superhero Media Crossover Project."


The Best Of ‘Texts From Superheroes’, A Superpowered Parody Site

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Want to know how Wonder Woman and Superman have sex? 'Texts From Superheroes' reveals this and other secrets via snarky text messages between superheroes.


I'm Lovin' It: Sponsored Superheroes Pay For Their Crimefighting With Corporate Endorsements

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Roberto Vergati Santos photoshopped "sponsored superheroes" who turn to corporations for a needed influx of cash.


Heroes Get Moody In The Superhero Noir Posters Of Marko Manev


Marko Manev's newest series Superhero Noir Posters features iconic scenes of Batman, members of The Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman, and more.


Bad News, Seattle Criminals And Violent Bros: Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting

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As a mixed martial arts fighter, Ben Fodor knows a thing or two about being invincible, what with his whole 11-0 career record.


Here’s Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocking A Racist Out

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For once, superheroism is in the real world. And it's amazing.


Mugshot Of The Day: Wolverine Got Arrested At A Wedding

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A Redditor posted the mugshot of his friend online yesterday following the Wolverine lookalike's arrest, because that's what true friends do for each other.

#Iron Man

Iron Man And Friday Cat Have No F’s To Give In The Links


Today's links, featuring a cat and Iron Man being fresh out of F's to give, as well as a confused kitten trying to catch birds.


What If Your Favorite Superheroes Were Manatees?


Deviant Art has long been one of my favorite time-wasting Internet wormholes, from <a href="">the insanity of Kate Upton fan art</a> to the awesomeness of <a href="">Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor</a>.


Superhero And Supervillain Weimaraners, Balloon Cat, And Links


Today's links, featuring Weimaraner dogs doing cute things, the best explanation of how The Joker got those scars, and a clever cat.


Mila Kunis Wants To Play A Superhero. Let’s Do This.

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Mila Kunis wants to play a superhero, also insisted that the comic book character based on her have "big boobs and a big old ass and a cape."


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.


Igor Scalisi Palminteri Repaints Saints As Superheroes


<a href="">Igor Scalisi Palminteri</a> is an Italian artist with a show coming up called "Hagiography".


Before You Die, You See Nick Ring

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Stories about MMA guys are usually in one of three categories: 1.


‘Avengers Trailer (On A Budget)’ Has Fat Captain America With A Tiny Shield, Your ‘Avengers’ Trailer Parody Is Invalid


We'll leave the coverage of actual <a href="" target="_blank">Avengers trailers and footage to our cosplaying siblings at Gamma Squad</a>, but seeing as how the movie <a href="" target="_blank">is currently tracking at 96%</a> AND this parody trailer fromĀ <a href="" target="_blank">Table 8 Productions</a> prominently features Fat Captain America with a tiny shield, I want I need a piece of the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" action.


Put Your Fan War To the Test: Stan Lee and Jace Hall Roll Out New Online Series


For those of you who hate fan wars because they A) go on forever or B) lack enough substance to be worthy of 60 seconds of your time, comic book legend Stan Lee and executive producer Jace Hall have created <a href="">Fan Wars</a> to put an end (or something of a comic resolution) to the above dilemma.


Nike's Air Alliance Pits Cartoon Kevin Durant Against Mad Shoe Scientists


Every few years, a TV network or a shoe company decides that sports guys should be super heroes.


The Seven Best Superhero Movie Themes

By | 19 Comments

Film scores are, believe it or not, one of our key outlets of orchestral music.


Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly Are Superheroes

By | 3 Comments

Tim Daly (Wings) voiced Superman for the animated Justice League: Doom DVD released this week, and it appears he's having a hard time getting out of character.

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