George Takei And His Husband Brad Started A Campaign To Give Alabama The (Ring) Finger

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George Takei and his husband Brad gave Alabama the (ring) finger, and are encouraging others to do the same with the #LuvUAlabama hashtag.


The Supreme Court Announced That They Will Rule On Same Sex Marriage And The Internet Is Excited

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Celebrities and advocates alike seem hopeful that SCOTUS will bring an end to the same sex marriage debate with their upcoming ruling.


The Supreme Court Released Audio Of Chief Justice John Roberts Reciting Eminem Lyrics Like A Boss

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Roberts read lines from ''97 Bonnie & Clyde' to make a counterargument. Meanwhile, Dr. Dre probably wants to sign him to a record deal.


John Oliver Fixed Democracy By Reenacting Supreme Court Cases With Dogs

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John Oliver reenacted Supreme Court oral arguments with dogs. This is important.


Supreme Court Rules That Hobby Lobby Can Deny Birth Control To Employees. Twitter Reacts Accordingly.

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Some people were outraged over the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, while some rejoiced. Others just wanted to make jokes.


Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

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The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.

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The Supreme Court Begins Deciding The Future Of TV Tomorrow: An Explainer

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Aereo goes to the Supreme Court to justify its existence. Why it's likely to win.


Why Broadcasters Are Taking Their Attempts To Block Aereo All The Way To The Supreme Court

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Aereo is headed to the Supreme Court, and it'll likely win. Why that's a good thing.

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Lie Witness News: Judge Judy Appointed to Supreme Court


Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street what they think about President Obama's decision to appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.


20 Countries Besides Canada Stupid People Are Threatening To Move To Because Of #Obamacare

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SOOOO, you might have heard that the Supreme Court did something today, I have no idea what that something is -- even though our very own Danger Guerrero explained it all using GIFs from "The O.C." -- because I've been too busy looking up clips of strippers.

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Supreme Court Rules That States Cannot Prohibit Sale Of Violent Video Games To Children


In a decision that I have a feeling inspired wild, drunken Monday morning celebrations in the offices of gaming execs around the world, the Supreme Court ruled today that state governments -- specifically California in this case -- have no right to restrict the sale of violent video games to children, as to do such would be a violation of the First Amendment.

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Why “Schwartzenegger Vs. EMA” Proves That Parents Are The Weak Link

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For those unaware, there's currently a court case in front of the Supreme Court called "Schwarzenegger Vs. The Entertainment Merchants' Association." It's about a bill, passed by State Senator Leland Yee, that wants to declare some games to be obscene, as in like porn, because they're violent, which makes us wonder about Mr.


Are You Still Trying To Quit Smoking?

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It’s tough to be a smoker these days, what with everyone trying to stop us from vacationing in Flavor Country.


Supreme Court hearing includes ‘Team Edward or Team Jacob’ question

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President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court is Elena Kagan, and if it were me, I'd vote to confirm solely on the basis her being a total hottie.


Lil Wayne, The O.G. Hot Boy

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Is somebody afraid to go to the bing.



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("You mean to tell me the entire last season of The Sopranos was a dream sequence.

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