This Man Loved His Goldfish So Much, He Paid $460 For Its Life Saving Constipation Surgery

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The pricy and special surgery involved an intense three-person operation to remove a constipation-causing blockage.


Freddie Prinze Jr. Is Reportedly Learning To Walk Again After Spinal Surgery

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Freddie Prinze Jr. underwent spinal surgery and is documenting his recovery process via Twitter.


Watch This Kid Try To Walk Into His House After Having His Wisdom Teeth Removed

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This 18-year-old manages to walk on rubber legs, fight his reflection, and run from Halloween decorations. Thanks, surgery!


A Disabled Man Can Walk Again After An Experimental Surgery Reconnected His Spinal Nerves

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Darek Fidyka lost the use of his legs in 2010. Now, four years later, he has them back again.


Roman Reigns Was Just Rushed To The Hospital For Emergency Surgery

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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was rushed to a Tennessee hospital for emergency surgery on Saturday, putting his upcoming PPV match in jeopardy.


Daniel Bryan’s Facing Another Career-Threatening Surgery And It Might Be Time To Get Worried

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Daniel Bryan's out with a neck injury, but reports are saying he may also require shoulder surgery and an indefinite absence from WWE.


Watch How Happy This Dog Is To See His Owners After Surgery To Cure His Blindness

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Duffy the Irish terrier couldn't have looked happier to see his human friends, after surgery to reverse his blindness was successful.

suspended animation

Suspended Animation Is Here! Human Trials Set To Begin.

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Doctors in Pittsburgh are ready to test an experimental suspended animation technique to treat patients with fatal traumatic injuries, like gunshot wounds.


Meet The Woman Who Threw A Dance Party In The OR Before Her Double Mastectomy

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Deborah Cohan, a doctor and mother of two, asked friends, family and the medical staff performing her double mastectomy to join her for a dance party.


This Guy’s Reaction To Seeing His Attractive Wife After Waking Up From Surgery Is Priceless

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Watch a man try to make sense of the prettiest woman he's ever seen after undergoing surgery.


A New York City Surgeon Is Offering Free Procedures To Women Who Set Him Up On Dates

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New York Dr. Emil Chynn has found himself on the defensive after being labeled "pompous" by media outlets for being picky with the women that he dates.


A Man Had A Pencil Removed From His Head After Almost 15 Years

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A 24-year old man in Germany underwent a unique surgical procedure to have a pencil removed from his head after it had been lodged there for 15 years.


Tommy John Is The Grossest Person In History

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Take a good, long look at Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Todd Coffey's elbow.


Adrian Peterson Is The New Kirk Cameron

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Back in October, my Italian cousin Vince at FilmDrunk gave us a glimpse inside of former "Growing Pains" star and current Tim Tebow superfan Kirk Cameron's incredibly boring birthday party that featured a small cake, some $5 footlongs from Subway, and poor, poor Belinda.


Paging Dr. Spaceman, Paging Dr. Spaceman

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New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez recently took a little trip to Germany to meet with Dr.


Surgeons Can Now Regrow Your Neck Bones?


So, yeah, you hear about stem cells, but it's not until you read about surgeons doing freaky stuff with them that you realize their potential.


Would You Let Canadian Robots Operate On You?


And just as importantly, would you let experimental robot surgeons anywhere near your crotch.

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