Sorry, Whole Foods Shoppers: Turns Out GMOs Are Good For The World

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Turns out, GMOs are better for human beings than we realized!


Poor Kitty Should Have Never, Ever Trusted This “Plastic Bag”


The contents of the bag give the cat a scare of a lifetime!

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Foo Fighters Are Playing Three Shows Under The Name ‘The Holy Sh*ts’

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Using the name 'The Holy Sh*ts,' Foo Fighters decided to schedule three random club shows while they're in London for the Invictus Games.


Six Dates That Went Hilariously Right

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Here are dates that go completely right. Even if utterly by accident.

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SHOCKER: A Third Of All Games Downloaded On Steam Are Never Opened

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Ars Technica has done an in-depth study of Steam, and the results are simultaneously amusing and surprising.


In Ant-Man, The Role Of Hank Pym Will Be Played By…

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Ant-Man just got a major dose of prestige with its latest casting announcement.


Does The iPhone 5S Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

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Somehow, Apple has managed, in the iPhone 5S, to create a device that violates your civil rights just by owning it.


SHOCKER: Facebook Is Putting Ads On Instagram


Advertising will be making its way to a Facebook product, namely Instagram. We're stunned, too. Honest. Really.


Church Websites Are Three Times More Likely To Give You A Virus Than Porn Sites

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The good news: Your grandma is probably not looking at porn. The bad news: She probably got that virus on her computer from her church's website.

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The Xbox One’s Used Game Policies Confuse Publishers, Too

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Among the people with no idea what to make of the Xbox One's used game features? Ubisoft and EA.


PRISM: Why We Have No One But Ourselves To Blame And How To Avoid It

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PRISM is the government directly spying on you... and you agreed to all of it, whether you knew it or not. The good news is there's a way out.


The iPad Mini Is Apparently Crushing the iPad Itself

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Apple won't release the sales numbers, but everybody else is saying the iPad Mini is mega.


Why The Last Thing Big-Box Stores Want Is An Internet Sales Tax

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The Senate is close to passing an internet sales tax bill, supported by your friendly "local" big-box store. But they should be against it. Here's why.


That Was Fast: Instagram Will Not Sell Your Awful Photos Without Telling You


Gee, Instagram backed down? We're shocked, in that way where we totally saw this coming.


Japanese Cell Provider Softbank Buying Sprint

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You don't know Softbank yet. But you're about to, as they're coming to America and hopefully bringing Otosan with them.


Netflix Is Beating Apple In Online Movie Revenue


In news that's a shock to nobody who's actually paying attention, Netflix has officially handed Apple their shapely, well-designed buttocks when it comes to movie streaming.

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Solar Storm Coming To Mess With Our Heads


The sun moaned, and groaned, and spat out a mass coronal ejection.

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