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Man Surprises Fiancée By Finding And Restoring Her Destroyed Childhood Teddy Bear

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Vas Alli completely reconstructed his fiancee's childhood teddy bear, much to her surprise.


A 13-Year Old Received The Surprise Of His Life At The Free Throw Line

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When 13-year old Derrick Johnson stepped to the free throw line during a game, he didn't expect to be comforted by his mom when he missed his shot.


A Young Auburn Fan Got BCS Title Game Tickets For Christmas And His Face Says It All

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Young Colin is on his way to see his Auburn Tigers play the Florida State Seminoles in the BCS Championship game because Christmas is magical and adorable.


The Philadelphia Flyers Put A Returning Soldier In A GI Joe Box To Surprise His Family

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The Philadelphia Flyers helped a returning soldier surprise his family by putting him in a life-size GI Joe box and wrapping him up for Christmas.


The PlayStation Vita TV Is The First Microconsole Worth Buying

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The PlayStation Vita TV is here to really ruin Microsoft's day.


A Russian Guy Came Out Of An MMA Crowd And K.O.’d His Opponent In 30 Seconds

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If we're naming off the ten things that make us the happiest, <a href="" target="_blank">guys who shouldn't be in MMA fights getting into MMA fights</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">everything in Russia being absurd</a> are in our top ten.


‘World War Z’ Is Officially Brad Pitt’s Highest Grossing Movie

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'World War Z' has managed to make some pretty serious cash.


Pregnancy Announcement Surprises Very Excited Grandma-To-Be


A woman's family sends her on a scavenger hunt to find a very special birthday present.


Danny Green Vs. A Child Ninja. Who Ya Got?


Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs was racing back to the locker room to watch the Sprint Halftime Report (I assume) and almost had his life ended when a CHILD NINJA appeared from out of nowhere and almost took him out.

first pitch

An Army Dad Surprised His Daughter At A San Antonio Missions Game


I've been to a few San Antonio Missions games at Wolff Stadium, and here's a quick list of pros and cons.


Soldier Surprises Family at Hockey Game


Army SFC Phillip Gallardo surprises his family prior to the Cincinnati Cyclones game on March 9, 2013.


Table Tennis Surprise Really Lives Up To Its Name

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I can't decide what my favorite part of TABLE TENNIS SURPRISE is -- the amazing return shot, the guy who loses' stunned reaction and awed sportsmanship, or the fact that it sounds like the worst side dish ever.


Expect The Unexpected


This compilation of videos will teach you to expect the unexpected.


Woman Finds Out She’s Going to be a Grandma


A special reaction to a Christmas surprise.


Videos Of Troops Coming Home To Surprise Their Families At Ballparks Never Get Old

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Seriously, I don’t ever get tired of videos of American troops coming home and surprising their families at baseball games.


David Beckham Surprises Fans in London 2012 Photobooth


Adidas invited fans into a photobooth to show their support for the British soccer team.


"Snow White and The Huntsman" Is…Good?


I caught this at a preview screening (reviews were embargoed until today) and honestly, I'm still amazed at two things: one, that this movie ever got made, and two, that it didn't get smacked with an R-rating.


4Chan Made A Sweet Video Game About Dating The Disabled


To Westerners, Japanese dating games are really weird.

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