Table Tennis Surprise Really Lives Up To Its Name


I can't decide what my favorite part of TABLE TENNIS SURPRISE is -- the amazing return shot, the guy who loses' stunned reaction and awed sportsmanship, or the fact that it sounds like the worst side dish ever.


Expect The Unexpected

This compilation of videos will teach you to expect the unexpected.


Woman Finds Out She’s Going to be a Grandma

A special reaction to a Christmas surprise.


Videos Of Troops Coming Home To Surprise Their Families At Ballparks Never Get Old


Seriously, I don’t ever get tired of videos of American troops coming home and surprising their families at baseball games.


David Beckham Surprises Fans in London 2012 Photobooth

Adidas invited fans into a photobooth to show their support for the British soccer team.


"Snow White and The Huntsman" Is…Good?

I caught this at a preview screening (reviews were embargoed until today) and honestly, I'm still amazed at two things: one, that this movie ever got made, and two, that it didn't get smacked with an R-rating.

#video games

4Chan Made A Sweet Video Game About Dating The Disabled

To Westerners, Japanese dating games are really weird.


Game Company Hides Job Ad In Files Only Pirates Look At

You've got to give Starbreeze Studios some credit: their latest game, "Syndicate," was a rush job, but they at least had time to hide a cookie in the game for people who were thinking about stealing it.


Studio Raises $1.4 Million On Kickstarter To Develop New Adventure Game

Double Fine is a game studio best known for "Psychonauts" and being where all the great artists from LucasArts went to make adventure games once George Lucas decided the best use of his time was to strip mine "Star Wars" for every last nickel.

xbox 360

The XBox 360 Was The Bestselling Console of 2011?

This chart is from Gamasutra, who crunched the numbers and found, well, this.

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