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5 Reasons This Generation Will Be A Renaissance For Survival Horror Games

By | 6 Comments

Survival Horror fans have been starved for a while, but this generation we feast...

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'Among The Sleep' Gets A Pants-Crappingly Terrifying New Trailer

By | 10 Comments

'Among The Sleep' is a survival horror game. You play a toddler. Oh, don't worry. It gets creepier.

about time

‘Alien: Isolation’ Leaps Out Of Hiding In Its First Video

By | 13 Comments

The next game in the 'Alien' franchise aims squarely for survival horror, not action thrills.


‘Among The Sleep’ Gets An Alpha You Should Play


'Among The Sleep' is a horror game starring a toddler, and even just from the preview, we can tell you it's scary.

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The PC Gets Another Promising Survival Horror Game In ‘Outlast’


Former Ubisoft and EA employees do the indie PC horror thing...

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