Newt Gingrich Sued By…Survivor. The Band, Not The Show

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One of my favorite things about politics is that every few months some conservative politician will use a song on the campaign trail by a band appalled that their music is being used to promote a right-winger and the whole thing will result in a lawsuit being filed.

#Star Trek

Ten Pointless, Expensive On-Screen Props I Need to Own

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Earlier this week, we <a href="">published</a> a post about how someone was selling a piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s “GUTS” on eBay.


Jeff Probst Gets Talk Show for Some Reason

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<a href=""> "Survivor" host Jeff Probst will host a daytime talk show starting in fall 2012 for some reason, according to several news outlets who nimbly worked quotes from the press release into their "breaking news!" stories. “I’m fascinated with human nature and thrilled that this show will allow me the opportunity to connect with real people and explore their stories on a personal level,” Probst said in a statement. “As I continue with Survivor, I am excited to extend my relationship with CBS with this new adventure in the world of daytime.” [...] With Survivor now filming its 23rd and 24th seasons in Samoa, many have wondered how long that show will continue. Since the program now films both of its installments during the summer, Probst could pull double duty and continue to host the reality franchise into fall 2012 and beyond while also doing his new talk show. Or, the still untitled new venture could end up being his transition off the island. [<a href="" target="_blank">EW</a>] For what it's worth, Probst has filled in for both Regis Philbin and Larry King, but that's not exactly a real testament to skill.


Reality Dating Meets ‘Survivor’

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NBC is planning a reality show for summer 2011 that will fuse jungle-survival-challenge reality TV with dating-game reality TV.


The Jimmy Johnson Interview

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As you may remember, last week I <a href="" target="_self">ditched the Internet</a> for a couple hours to interview NFL on Fox commentator and "Survivor" contestant Jimmy Johnson.


Site News: Stand By

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You'll have to get TV news from somewhere else for a couple of hours.


Shut Up, Jeff Probst

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The Emmys will be televised soon, and even though no one will watch them, "Survivor" host Jeff Probst is upset about the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' decision to not include the category of "outstanding reality show host" in NBC's telecast (it's been relegated to the Creative Arts Emmys event).


Jeff Probst Also Does Weddings

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Today in news I didn't expect, "Survivor" host Jeff Probst served as the officiant at the wedding of "The Office" star Jenna Fischer and writer Lee Kirk (played in the banner image by John Krasinski).


Updates to Boring Crap

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There are a couple things that have been in the news this week that I feel obligated to write updates about.


‘Survivor’ Producer Arrested for Suspected Murder

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On Monday, Monica Beresford-Redman, the wife of "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, <a href="" target="_blank">went missing from the Cancun resort</a> where she was staying with her husband and two children.



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For some inexplicable reason, Greg Insco, a 26-year-old Cincinnati man, wanted to be cast in a future season of "Survivor.



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Jenna Morasca, the "Survivor" winner who got naked on the show for chocolate and peanut butter -- who hasn't been there before.



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In case you haven't been watching season 18 of "Survivor" ("Survivor: People Losing Weight") 37-year-old contestant <a href="" target="_blank">Ben Wade</a> insists that other adults call him "Coach," because he coaches a college girls' soccer team.



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<a href="">/Film</a> today has an interview with Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, in which he discusses the Choke movie (just bought by Fox Seachlight - <a href="">four clips here</a>) and the status of his other books, pretty much all of which have been optioned.



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Ever since the movie adaptation of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk's first novel, became a worldwide phenomenon, people have been clamoring for more.

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