What Does It Take To Shut Darren Rovell Up? A Really Dumb Joke About A Fat Guy

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After Tweeting a bad joke about a fat NBA fan, ESPN's Darren Rovell apologized and hasn't Tweeted for two days.


A Professor Was Suspended Because His Daughter Wore This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shirt

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"I will take what is mine with fire and blood" doesn't mean what the dean of a community college in New Jersey thinks it does...


Alex Rodriguez’s Supporters Would Like Donations To Help Them Keep Protesting ‘Injustice’

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While Alex Rodriguez's supporters in Hispanics Across America deny that he has paid them, they're now asking for donations to keep fighting "injustice."


Ryan Braun Is So Sorry So He Released A Statement Sort Of Saying That He’s Sorry

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Milwaukee Brewers All-Star, perennial MVP candidate and the best Jewish baseball player since Shawn Green, Ryan Braun <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/07/the-dugout-ryan-braun-and-alex-rodriguez-are-probably-totally-innocent" target="_blank">accepted a 65-game suspension from Major League Baseball</a> earlier this season after he was perhaps the biggest name involved with that whole icky Biogenesis PED scandal.


Chicago White Sox Fans Gave Alex Rodriguez A Warm Welcome Back From Injury


Making his return from his latest injury and hot off the news that he's suspended for 211 games, Alex Rodriguez was booed by White Sox fans tonight.

alex rodriguez

The List Of MLB Players Suspended For 50 Games Over Biogenesis Link Has Grown To 12

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In case you were wondering, Major League Baseball’s current Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug scandal <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/07/the-dugout-ryan-braun-and-alex-rodriguez-are-probably-totally-innocent" target="_blank">goes well beyond the front page stories</a> involving Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun being suspended for the rest of the season and New York Yankees paycheck collector Alex Rodriguez facing <a href="http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2013/08/05/report-alex-rodriguez-to-appeal-suspension-from-mlb/" target="_blank">a possible suspension through 2014</a> or more, depending on how arrogant he really is.


Metta World Peace Earned A Week Off

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On Sunday, the world seemed right again, as <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/04/welcome-back-psycho">Metta World Peace turned back into the Ron Artest of old</a> by laying a vicious elbow to the side of James Harden’s head.


James Harrison Deeply Regrets Concussing Colt McCoy

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We've already shared a gallery of <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/12/illustrated-futility-the-browns-try-to-win-a-game-on-thursday">depressing pictures from Thursday's Browns/Steelers game</a> and an <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/12/the-nfl-and-prilosec-think-well-listen-to-larry-the-cable-guy#page/1">even more depressing set about their fans</a>, so it's no surprise that game's head-to-softer-head collision that concussed Browns quarterback Colt McCoy would lead somewhere depressing, no matter what side you're on -- the league has decided to celebrate James Harrison’s fifth illegal hit against a quarterback in the past three seasons by <a href="http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82503f17/article/steelers-lb-harrison-suspended-one-game-for-mccoy-hit?module=HP11_hot_topics">making him the first player suspended for helmet-to-helmet</a> since the rule's emphasis.


Jim Tressel Wishes You A Happy Easter

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Ohio State University has suspended football coach Jim Tressel two games and fined him $250,000 because he not only knew about five of his players selling autographs and merchandise to a local tattoo parlor, but he also failed to report it to the university’s compliance department or athletic director Gene Smith for more than 9 months.


Vote For Manny!

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Watching Sports Center yesterday, the anchors were up in arms due to the fact that Manny Ramirez was fourth in MLB's All-Star voting for NL outfielders.


Manny Being Manny…

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Words By Jason Hortillas Clemens.

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