We Have A Contender For Greatest Bat Flip Of All-Time


Korean baseball is a reliable source for awesome bat flips, but this one just might have them all beat on swag alone.

Banished Words

‘Swag’ And ‘Bae’ Are Among The Annoying Terms Just Banished By Your New Favorite College


If the terms "swag" and "cra-cra" are a part of your vocabulary, you might need to sit down because they've been banished.


Here’s All The Cool Swag College Football Players Are Getting During Bowl Season


Gift cards to Best Buy, headphones, home theaters: Here's what kids are taking home this year from bowl games.


The Best Of Dinky The Dog, The Vine Account You Didn’t Know You Needed

We've tracked the identity of "Brendan P. Winans" the world's swaggiest real estate agent, and it's Dinky the dog from these great Vines.


Under Armour’s New ‘Roots Of Fight’ Line Celebrates Boxing’s Most Iconic Fighters

The awesome new Roots of Fine line from Under Armour celebrates boxing legends Mike Tyson, Ray Mancini, Lennox Lewis, Jack Johnson and Joe Frazier.

#Justin Bieber

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Justin Bieber And Bill Clinton Talked Out Their Differences


After Justin Bieber was caught on video peeing in a bucket and shouting, "F*ck Bill Clinton," the pop star Tweeted that he spoke with the former president.


Good To See Michael Jordan Still Hanging Out With Cartoon Characters


From the Charlotte Bobcats Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest Or Whatever page: PHOTOS: At the arena for his sold out concert, @JustinBieber was excited to meet Bobcats Chairman Michael Jordan "Excited" wasn't really the word.

#LeBron James

With Just A Few Days Remaining, LeBron James Offers Up The Best Quote Of 2012


Last night, while Dwyane Wade was kicking Ramon Sessions in the balls on purpose and then acting all offended that someone could even insinuate that he’d ever commit a dirty foul, LeBron James was distracted by the Charlotte Bobcats’ No.

#music videos

Ugh. Jaden Smith has a new music Video.


If there's one thing in the world that annoys the ever-loving piss out of me, it's Will Smith and his dumb wiener kids.

#Star Wars

Smoke It Up, Fuzzball


10 Failed Presidential Monster Movie Mash-Ups |Film Drunk| Walter White’s Heisen-Brrr-g Crunch: Jon Defreest’s Retirement Pop-Cultured Ben & Jerry’s Flavor |UPROXX| 12 Terrible People and Shows That Appear on This Year’s Emmy Ballots |Warming Glow| Elect Bill Murray To Every Sports Hall Of [...].


Meet The Man Who Killed Swagger


Two questions and their appropriate answers -- Q: If a man dresses in enormous footie pajamas, can he still dunk.

#Star Wars

‘Sh*t Wookiees Say’ Is The Definitive Sh*t Said By Someone


First came "Sh-t Girls Say", which I ignored because guys trying to tell me universal truths about women -- as if they're some monolithic hive mind -- usually ends with somebody getting roofied (I'm developing a tolerance to being roofied, but this is getting ridiculous).

#video games

These Tetris Masters Put Our Block-Laying To Shame

Who among us hasn't had a love/hate relationship with Tetris at some point in our lives.

#Star Trek

Star Trek And Swag

This guy seems legit.


The Obama White House Isn’t Afraid Of The Internet

On Friday the White House published a blog post detailing the results of surveys it conducted with its Facebook and Twitter followers on its web presence -- what's working, what's not, and what can be improved upon, etc.

#Jay Z

9 Rappers Desperately In Need Of A Name Change…


When it comes to an aspiring MC's career, a solid rap name is just important their actual talent.


No Such Thing As Free…


A friend of mine recently suggested I start reviewing things I want people to send me.

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