This Is What Happens When You Shoot Fireworks Underneath Lake Ice

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These young Swede were bored, near a frozen lake, and had access to fireworks. They decided to combine all three to see what would happen.

pirate bay

The Pirate Bay Website Goes Down After Swedish Police ‘Crackdown On A Server Room’ In Stockholm

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There was "crackdown on a server room," and now the website is down. Meanwhile, I'm wiping my computer drives for, erm, cleanliness.

cursing in translation

Watch This Swedish Guy’s Explosion Of Anger After Missing The Train By A Few Seconds

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On the one hand, you feel bad for the guy. On the other hand, he provides a brief lesson on Swedish curse words.


A Swedish Director Has Released A 72-Minute Trailer For His Month-Long Movie

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A Swedish director has released a 72-minute trailer to his month-long movie, which you should totally watch if you're trying to build up the courage to commit suicide.


‘Searching For Sugar Man’ Director Malik Bendjelloul’s Death A Suicide, Says Brother

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Malik Bendjelloul's death was a suicide. Does that make it more or less senseless?


Forget Craigslist, This Guy’s YouTube Ad For His Used Volvo Is Spectacular

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A man in Sweden created a YouTube video for his used Volvo that he's trying to sell, and he should have no problem once it goes viral.


RIP: Oscar-Winning Director Of ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ Found Dead

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The director of a documentary about a singer everyone thought was dead has been found dead.


Erik Karlsson Claims That He’s Putting His Silver Medal On eBay Because Boo Hoo

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Team Sweden and Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson didn't handle his team's gold medal loss well and claims he'll sell his silver medal on eBay.


A Hotel Made Entirely Out Of Ice Has Been Ordered To Install Fire Alarms


An ice hotel is exactly what it sounds like; made entirely from ice. And yet, to the Swedish authorities, it desperately needed fire alarms.


The Invisible Bike Helmets + Links


The Swedes have invented an invisible bike helmet. We won't spoil how it works.


SEXISM WATCH: Movie theaters in Sweden to rate films according to the Bechdel Test

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Theaters in Sweden will soon rate films according to the Bechdel Test to measure gender equality. I've written a short script that will pass the Bechdel Test.


Cats Wearing Tights Have The Most Stylish Meowtfits


An apathetic cat has been recruited for a single-serving Tumblr called Meowtfit Of The Day. The site only posts pictures of cats wearing tights. Of course.


Public Masturbation Is Now Legally ‘Okay’ In Sweden

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A 65-year old man in Sweden was acquitted of sexual assault charges because even though he masturbated at a public beach, he didn't look at anyone.

that shit cray

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party’

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You may have been recently invited to a "crayfish party" at IKEA. Do not even think about going to this.


Hardcore Porn Played Behind A Swedish TV News Broadcast For 10 Minutes

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That's it: we're moving to Sweden, where their CNN gets ALL the porn.


Ah Yes, The Old Hockey Puck In The Pants Trick

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If you can't figure out what's supposed to be happening in that picture, let me help you out.


Straight From Sweden, It's Skydiving Cats

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Swedish insurance company Folksam has brought together two of my favorite things: R.

#Star Wars

Skydiving Cats, Marty McFly Goes To The Movies, And Afternoon Links


Today's links, featuring a special appearance by 'Star Wars' in 'Back To The Future' as well as Swedish skydiving felines.


Unconscious Man on Train Tracks Gets Mugged, Run Over


A Swedish man fell onto underground train tracks and lay thereĀ unconsciousĀ as a mugger robbed him and left him to get run over by an oncoming train.

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