Quiksilver’s True Wetsuits Go Straight From The Beach To The Conference Room

Quiksilver has developed a new line of business wear called True Wetsuits so that business professionals can surf on their lunch break, or surfers can give their look a little more class.


Michael Phelps Is Getting Married To Former Miss California Nicole Johnson

Finally a feel-good story for Michael Phelps following a rough patch.


Check Out These Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies Learning How To Swim

Some bravely leap into the pool, others cautiously tip-toe. Either way, their excited and confused faces are priceless.

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Know What Sucks About Diving With Whales? Being Sucked Into A Whale Poop Whirlpool


Not only are whales no longer cool, but chocolate milk is off the menu and 'Free Willy' is ruined.

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Woman Changes Mind About Jumping Off High Dive At The Last Second, Leading To Horrific Blooper


A woman who changed her mind about jumping off a diving board at the very last second endures a painful blooper.


Water-Loving Dog Refuses To Swim

Whether this dog is afraid to swim or just smarter than her over-working peers, she's perfectly content to wade in the shallow water.


Ryan Lochte Hurt His Knee In The Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte injured his knee during a trip to Gainesville, FL, last weekend, and the injury occured in the most Ryan Lochte way ever.


What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Probably Find Another Job Now That His Show Is Canceled


It took me five episodes to finally call Ryan Lochte’s E! reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, a dead fish, and that was being incredibly generous because I wanted to stop watching after five minutes of the first episode.


Ryan Lochte Delivered Pizzeria Combos To People On A Ferry In New York

When I read that Olympic gold medal swimmer and failed reality TV star Ryan Lochte was doing something yesterday that involved delivering pizza, I immediately had to go to my records and see who won the “What Will Ryan Lochte Do.


The Ultimate Diving Board Fail Compilation

The most entertaining and painful diving board mishaps, all in one video.


Baby Elephant Plays In Pool

Belle the three-week-old Asian elephant cools off in her inflatable pool at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.


How To Pee in a Pool (PSA)

A quick and simple guide to relieving yourself in a public swimming pool.


Diving Board Backflip Trick Shot

Justin Kamp takes the diving board backflip to a new level, using his feet to execute an impressive cross-pool trick shot.


Dramatic Hot Tub Dive

An ill-advised attempt to dive from the top of a hot tub into a swimming pool takes an unexpected turn.


Mini Pool Backflip Fail

A standing backflip into a pool doesn't go according to plan.


Baby Swims Across Pool in One Breath

Elizabeth can barely walk or talk, and yet here she is swimming across a pool without coming up for air.

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NPR Has Named Ryan Lochte The Perfect Bro


Finally, NPR has weighed on on what is and is not a Bro.


The Saddest Pool Jump Ever Attempted

Brandy's technique needs a little bit of work.


Jeep vs. Swimming Pool

A group of crazy Canadians had to tear down their above ground swimming pool, so they got creative.

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