Power Rangers Actor Released Without Criminal Charges In Roommate’s Death By Sword Stabbing

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Ricardo Medina, Jr., from 'Power Rangers Wild Force' and 'Power Rangers Samurai', is reportedly cleared of roommate's stabbing death.


A Former Power Ranger Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Roommate With A Sword

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Ricardo Medina, Jr., from 'Power Rangers Wild Force' and 'Power Rangers Samurai', has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


Got $150? This 76-Year-Old Texas Woman Is Selling A ‘Haunted’ Sword On Craigslist.

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An investigation: is this Craigslist ad on the up and up or is it the work of yet another internet prankster?

#dumb criminals

Man Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend With … Easter Eggs?

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A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania man spent his Easter in jail after an egg dyeing incident went awry.

#Star Trek

Man At Arms’ Best Nerd Inspired Blades Will Poke You In A Happy Place

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The Man At Arms guys make your favorite movie/video game/cartoon pointy things deadly realities...


A Drunk Australian Woman Watched ‘Braveheart’ And Attacked Her Neighbors With A Sword

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While it’s not exactly as light-hearted as some topless prostitutes reenacting scenes, a woman on Chevron Island in Australia took Braveheart impressions to a whole new level back in May when she reportedly chased her neighbors around with a sword.


A Mormon Bishop Fought Off His Neighbor’s Stalker With A Samurai Sword

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A Mormon bishop named Kent Hendrix scared away his neighbor's stalker with a samurai sword and chapstick.


Taylor Hall Is A Secret Samurai, Redefines The Term ‘Slashing’

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And now, Taylor Hall turning into Yojimbo to slash Zbynek Michalek in the third period of Edmonton's 3-1 loss to the Phoenix.


Homemade Taser Sword


This seems extremely safe.


Florida Friday: Man Arrested For Waving Klingon Sword In Street

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Welcome back, Drunkards and Drunkettes, to another installment of Florida Friday, where we fill you in on one of the nuttiest and therefore most typical stories of the week out of the Sunshine State.


Forget Turkey, Here’s The Bro Who Broke The World Record For Swallowing Swords

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According to the Sword Swallowers Association – which I swear is safe for work – Ian Brown is a relative newcomer to the world of sticking dangerous blades into one’s esophagus, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not trying to figuratively carve his niche.


Is Will Keith The Next Steven Seagal? Yes

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Will Keith is about to become the Internet’s next biggest sensation, after a video called “Bottle Beware” hit the tubes last week and is already up to 48,000 views on YouTube.

#Star Wars

We Bid Adieu To Bob Anderson, The Other Darth Vader


We can only hope our names will someday be followed by the title of SWORDMASTER.

well he's got all kinds of time

Prisoner Builds Final Fantasy Swords Out of Matchsticks

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What you're seeing above is the elaborate work of an anonymous prisoner serving time in a British prison, and apparently he really, really misses "Final Fantasy".

#game of thrones

Two Men Arrested For Plotting To Kill Joss Stone WITH SWORDS


Why anyone would want to murder throat-y British songbird Joss Stone is beyond me -- she seems perfectly delightful (Although some people take issue with her covers) -- but two dudes did, and they were planning to kill her hard.


Hunting Silver Carp, Wolverine-Style


Silver Carp (AKA "The A-holes of the sea") are a pesky fish which are not indigenous to the Illinois River but have nonetheless invaded, setting up their annoying fish trailers and reproducing out of control and holding guppy fights on their front lawns next to the little plastic scuba diver they've put up on blocks.


Terry Pratchett Celebrates His Knighthood With Ultimate Badassery


Sir Terry Pratchett was knighted last year and decided he needed a sword.



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The trailer for Oneechanbara Vortex, a Japanese film about a girl in a bikini who kills zombies with a samurai sword, isn't in English and doesn't have subtitles, but somehow I don't think we're missing much.

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