20 Of The Greatest Flash Mobs Ever Conducted

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Over Memorial Day weekend, a group of protestors gathered at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC to express their discontent for a recent law that makes it illegal for people to dance at national monuments.


Today In Lady Parts

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The female form has been the subject of endless speculation and misinformation throughout the centuries.


Are T-Mobile and AT&T Really Merging?

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On Monday, T-Mobile users learned just how much their love and respect for their company was worth when Douche, er, Deutsche Telekom announced it was selling its T-Mobile USA operations to AT&T, better known to mobile users as the network that thinks dropping calls in New York City 30% of the time is acceptable service.


How Inappropriate Is Your Valentine?


A 12-year old girl in North Carolina has been introduced to the wonderful world of male chauvinism a little earlier than her parents expected, after she received some candy hearts.


Dwyane Wade Wants Out Of Miami?

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<a href=""> Even NBA ballers know that social media can be a powerful and uncontrollable resource. Let one word get taken out of context and the whole ship can be sunk, eh <a href="">Ray Allen</a>.

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