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The Ndamukong Suh Leg-Stomping Incident Got The Taiwanese Animation Treatment


Tune in to Sunday's NFC wildcard game to see if Jerry Jones can avoid having his penis stomped on by Ndamukong Suh.


Taiwan’s Report On Michael Sam’s Reality Show Involves Dancing Gay Rainbow Turds

Michael Sam has a reality show on Oprah's network, so Taiwan Animation animated a turd to be rainbow colored, dance around and wink.


Oh God, Taiwan Animation Reported On The Death Of The Ultimate Warrior


Taiwan's Next Media Animation are the latest weirdos to comment on the death of the Ultimate Warrior, and this one features fat crying fans and Slim Jims.


For An Expectedly Tolerant Take On Michael Sam Coming Out, Here’s Taiwan Animation

Michael Sam came out of the closet and could be the first openly gay NFL player, so Taiwan Animation animated shirtless dudes and threeway kisses.

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How To Quit Working For Taiwanese Animators Via Interpretive Dance To Kanye West’s ‘Gone’


Marina Shifrin has had enough of her boss at her news video company demanding quantity over quality.


Taiwan Animation Is Just Animating Suicides Now


Taiwan Animation covered undercover cops in Seattle and depicted a Seahawks fan killing himself with a gun because he lost his season tickets. Eesh.


UFC 164 Predictions, Courtesy Of Taiwan Animation

UFC 164 predictions are here, from the last place you'd expect them: Taiwan's Next Media Animation.


Riley Cooper Will Jump That Fence And Fight Every [Slur For Taiwanese People] Here

If you haven't been following the Wonka-esque story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every n*gger" at a Kenny Chesney concert, then being extremely sorry and "extremely hurt" (you know, because somebody caught it on video), here's the short version: he gon' get got.


Johnny Football Gets Pissed On, Drinks Bevo Vomit In Latest Taiwan Animation


I put that image up top so you'd know I wasn't f**king around with that headline.

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MMA World Edition: UFC 162’s Silva Vs. Weidman Gets The Taiwan Animation Treatment


Yes, that is Anderson Silva kicking through the Incredible Hulk's chest.

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Taiwanese Animation Explains How Paula Deen Melted Down Like Butter In A Hot Frying Pan


The Paula Deen clusterf*ck finally makes sense, now that she's gotten the Taiwanese animation treatment.


The Washington Redskins And Racism, A Taiwan Animation Essay

Taiwan Animation tackled the sensitive issue of "football is more important than any other social issue" and the racism of the Washington Redskins name.


Taiwanese Animation: Tim Tebow Joins The Patriots

Tim Tebow signing with the New England Patriots gets the always entertaining and absurd Taiwanese animation treatment, which he also received when he sat on the bench with the New York Jets -- and when they cut him.


Taiwan Animation Covers The Anchored Putter Ban, Fried Chicken-Gate, Caddyshack

The anchored putter ban controversy is big, but not so big that Taiwan Animation couldn't devote 20 seconds to Tiger Woods dumping a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on Sergio Garcia's head.

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