#2014 FIFA World Cup

Please Enjoy The Taiwanese Animators Horrifying Take On USA Vs. Ghana

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The USA might come off looking pretty fair weather to the Taiwanese Animators, but who cares? We won!


Taiwanese Animators Weighed In On Letterman’s Retirement, With Predictably Insane Results

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David Letterman's retirement finally receives the affirmation it deserves, in the form of a batsh*t crazy Taiwanese Animation video.


Obama Has Doomed Michigan State According To This Taiwanese Animation

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The Taiwanese animators have weighed in on Obama's pick of the Michigan State Spartans to win the NCAA Tournament.

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Watch Quentin Tarantino Freak Out About The ‘Hateful Eight’ Script Leak, With The Help Of Taiwanese Animators


Quentin Tarantino was not happy when he found out about The Hateful Eight's script leaking, and now we have the "footage" to prove it.

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