KTVU Is Trying To Erase The ‘Sum Ting Wong’ & ‘Ho Lee Fuk’ Incident From YouTube

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San Francisco's KTVU is trying to rewrite history on YouTube, with the help of copyright laws.


YouTube Stepping Up The Takedowns, Even If They Make No Sense

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Lately YouTube has been all about the takedowns. Here's why that's bad, to say the least.

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Hotfile Shows Majority Of Its Downloads Are Legit

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<a href=""></a>The MPAA has been trying to take out Hotfile <a href="">for about a year now</a>, with limited success, largely because Hotfile is not run by an insane man who calls himself Kim Dotcom (the founder of Megaupload <a href="">the world's best Modern Warware 3</a>) but rather a CEO who is actually trying to work with these people to address their concerns, only to get slapped in the face constantly.


EA Gives Gay-Hatin' Trolls The Finger

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Remember when we reported on <a href="">the Florida Family Association having the vapors</a> over characters of the same gender in a video game tastefully implied to be doing it.


Next On MPAA's Hit List: HotFile


<a href=""></a>One of the problems with the whole Megaupload debacle is that even as the site was being shut down, it was revealed that <a href="">a lot of its customers were actually legit</a> and just trying to get the fourth quarter spreadsheets to their boss in a timely manner.

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Did Warner Brothers Break The Law With Avalanche Of DMCA Takedown Notices?


Fun fact: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), better known as the YouTube Ruining Law, allows movie studios to issue takedown notices for media posted on the Internet.


Matt Damon Heroically Will Not Allow You To Trash Teachers

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled light-hearted fare for something slightly heavier.

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