Steve Harvey Is In For Another Tear-Jerking Birthday Surprise On His Show Tomorrow

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In a new preview for tomorrow's 'Steve Harvey Show,' the host gets another tear-jerking birthday visit from his early supporters.


Watch A Hilariously Nervous And Young Richard Pryor On ‘The Merv Griffin Show’


In this classic clip from 'The Merv Griffin Show Collection,' a young and nervous Richard Pryor dubs Jerry Lewis a god of comedy.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson Is Going Out In Style With A Week Of Performances From Metallica

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Craig Ferguson will welcome Metallica as his musical guest for an entire week, beginning on November 24.


A Look Back At Hollywood’s Spectacular History Of Failed Celebrity Talk Show Hosts

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From Chevy Chase to Zach Galifianakis, some celebrities always belong on the opposite side of the desk from the actual talk show talents.

foo fighters

Foo Fighters Will Serve As The Musical Guest For ‘The Late Show’ All Next Week

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Dave Grohl and Co. are promoting their new HBO series and album 'Sonic Highways' every night on 'The Late Show' next week.


Chelsea Handler Is Going To Host Netflix’s First Ever Talk Show

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In an unprecedented move, Chelsea Handler is going to be hosting Netflix's first ever topical daily talk show.


Ryan Seacrest Is Giving Ice-T And CoCo A Talk Show

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Ice-T and CoCo Austin are saying goodbye to their reality show and hello to a new talk show.


David Cross Spoofs Talk Show Cooking Segment Hilariously On ‘Comedy Bang Bang’

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As anyone reading this website probably already knows, few things are more absurd and worthless than cooking segments on talk shows. Here David Cross portrays "Chef Bellini Pastafangu" in a talk show cooking segment spoof on Comedy Bang Bang to better demonstrate the ridiculousness of those things.


Gaywatch: Holdouts Edition


Jon Stewart discusses the Boy Scouts reaffirming its ban on openly gay boys and adult leaders, and Chick-fil-A's exclusionary policy incurring the wrath of the Muppets.


Will Ferrell’s Trash-Talking Son


Will Ferrell makes an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman to promote The Campaign, and discusses his two-year-old son's trash-talking ways.

#jimmy kimmel

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship (7/20/2012)


Jimmy Kimmel's weekly bleeping and blurring of things, whether they need it or not.


The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

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You might think that headline is an exaggeration, but I swear to you -- on the eyes on my unborn children -- that it is not.


Anderson Cooper Will Host A Daytime Talk Show

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CNN journalist and "Channel One" alumnus Anderson Cooper will launch a syndicated daytime talk show in the fall of 2011, which will finally give bored housewives a "handsome gay" option to compete with the choices of "roundtable of shrews" and "dancing lesbian.

the view

Obama Will Be on ‘The View’

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President Barack Obama will take a break from leading the country into oblivion/a golden age (choose one) on Wednesday to film a segment on ABC's "The View," the country's most important talk show for adult women who regularly vote.


Montel Williams Is Awesome

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Marijuana is sort of like, I don't know, yogurt, or The Montel Williams Show, in that it isn't for me, but I'm all for everyone having the right to consume it.

the today show


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Mike Polk, creator of the awesomely bad Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos and author of Internet Hall of Fame article Look at my Striped Shirt!, has revealed his collection of TV credits, and they are.

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