Victoria Monet

T.I.’s “Stay” Is Everything Robin Thicke’s Album Should’ve Been

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History has shown T.I.'s track record is remarkable when faced with adversity.


Rappers Doing Good: T.I. & Tiny Host Toy Drive In Atlanta

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<a href="">Clifford Harris</a> and his family kept the spirit of Christmas alive in Atlanta last night.


11.10 The Cooler

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Jeny Romero Tyler Perry Fans Threaten To Boycott Over Kim Kardashian <a href="" target="blank">[Film Drunk]</a> The Heavy D Venn Diagram <a href="" target="blank">[Uproxx]</a> T.

The Police Blotter

Do Not Pass Go: T.I. To Remain In Atlanta Prison

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Photo: AP <a href="">T.I.'s</a> tour bus departure from an Arkansas prison looks as if it will cost him an additional month in jail.

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle

Tip Drops Cloudy Piss

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<a href=""> "Can’t tell a lie to the judge, I’m guilty..." ---<a href="">“Yeah Ya Know (Takers)”</a> I guess we should have <a href="">forseen this one</a> too, huh J.

#Justin Bieber

The Week That Was: “And Then He Dropped The Bracelets…” Edition

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<a href=""> SMH. Have thy not learnt thou lesson <a href="">Clifford Harris</a>.

The Police Blotter

T.I. & Tiny Arrested

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<a href=""> This doesn't bode well for Clifford. There are a lot of why's involved here. Why would a felon <a href="">get caught with weed</a>.

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