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Here’s What It Would Look Like If Men Created A Tampon Commercial

By | 8 Comments

If men tried to make a commercial for Tampax, this would be the horrifyingly clueless result.


Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over This Bloody Good Tampon Commercial?

By | 9 Comments

Everyone is going nuts over a tampon commercial. Here's why.


Urban Outfitters Has Found A Bloody Good Way To Sneak Booze Into Concerts

By | 5 Comments

Please refrain from making "Bloody Mary" jokes until you have permission to do so.


‘How to Insert a Tampon’ is an important video + The Morning Links

By | 7 Comments

Maybe you think inserting tampons isn't a skill you need to have, Mostly Male Readers.


Action Bronson Once Starred In A Kotex Tampon Commercial


Watch a pre-famous Action Bronson appear in a tampon commercial.


Video: Hello Flo’s ‘The Camp Gyno’ Is The Most Courageous Commercial Of The Year

By | 5 Comments

The online tampon delivery service Hello Flo is responsible for a very controversial ad entitled, "The Camp Gyno."

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