Johnny Weir’s Hat At The Kentucky Derby Is Simply Amazing

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Johnny Weir is covering fashion at the Kentucky Derby for NBC and he has probably managed to take the prize for best hat himself.


Watch Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Give Their Olympic Commentary For Amateur Skaters On ‘Late Night’

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Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir give Olympic commentary for skaters at 30 Rock for 'Late Night with Seth Myers.' Oh, the pageantry!


Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski Will Work The 2014 Oscars Red Carpet. Kind Of.

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Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski critiquing Oscar fashion from a tower high above the Red Carpet? Yup. Sign me up.

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Watch Tara Lipinski Perform A Big Lebowski-Themed Skating Routine Without Spilling Her White Russian

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Figure skater Tara Lipinski performed a Big Lebowski-themed solo routine at Rockafeller Center called "The Big Lipinski," complete with bathrobe and White Russian.

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