Wanna Mess With A Shotgun Full O’ TASERs?


Desperately want to tase someone until they lose control of their bowels, but too lazy to get within a couple feet of them.

Taser Grenade

First Civilian Testing of 50,000 Volt Taser Grenade

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More often than not, using a taser on someone usually ends with cheese and wine -the occasional phone number exchange- and it's because of this not-lethal-enough stigma that the fine folks over at Taser’s R&D lab in Scottsdale, Arizona decided to amplify its effectiveness by 50,000 volts.


So This Exists: Tampon Stun Gun

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I'm not sure how this didn't cross my path much sooner, what with the Google alert settings and all that robbing.


When Should You Use A Taser?

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There is a popular series of videos on the Interweb that has a person demonstrating a blender on steroids.


Video: Old Oakland A’s Fan Get Tasered

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what happened to the good ol'days where a cop would just beat the crap out of you with a billy club.

Taser x3

Meet The Taser x3

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A nice powerful new Taser, the Taser x3, can shoot three people @ once with no reloading and from up to thirty-five feet away.

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