The Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Takes A Look At Some Of The Most Regrettable Tattoos Based On The Show

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Fans of 'It's Always Sunny' are a dedicated bunch that seem to enjoy putting the characters of the show on display on parts of their bodies.


Benji Madden Already Got Cameron Diaz’s Name Tattooed On Himself

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Benji Madden is SERIOUS about this one, so hopefully this whole marriage thing sticks.


Tattoo Removal Is Now As Simple As Rubbing On A Cream

By | 25 Comments

A graduate student, in the course of life-saving research, has discovered a technique to save you a little embarrassment.


There’s No Way You Love Drake As Much As This Tattooed Guy Loves Drake

By | 22 Comments

This guy took his love of Drake's new album one (or several) steps too far.


Considering A Tattoo? Here Are A Few Examples Of What To Get (And What Not To Get) Via Reddit.

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A carebear with "hug life" tattooed on his belly? A feline version of Tupac named "Tupaw Shapur"? TAKE MY MONEY NOW.


High School Yearbooks Have Tattoo Pages Now, Because That’s The Kind Of World We Live In

By | 13 Comments

Here are a bunch of tattoos that some high school kids are really going to regret getting someday.


This Dad Is Building A Collection Of Tattoos Based On His Son’s Art

By | 2 Comments

An Ontario man has been tattooing his son's art on himself and may continue the collection.


Katy Perry Got A Tattoo To Commemorate The Super Bowl Halftime Show

By | 9 Comments

Katy Perry doesn't scrapbook when she wants to remember something, she gets some ink and that's what she did for the Super Bowl.


Turning Your Instagram Pics Into Temporary Tattoos Is A Thing Now

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With Picattoo, users can transform their Instagram feed into "Insta-tats" for their body. How meta would it be to wear your own selfie?


Harvey Weinstein Has Allegedly Seen Judi Dench’s Famous Butt Tattoo

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The famous producer appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' and revealed what Judi Dench did to show him her appreciation.

#The Simpsons

Meet The Man With 203 Characters From ‘The Simpsons’ Tattooed On His Back


An Australian man is hoping to be a world record holder after getting 203 characters from 'The Simpsons' tattooed on his back.

star wars: the force awakens

Some Guy Already Got A Tattoo Of The Ball Droid In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By | 8 Comments

We know at least one guy who'd better hope the ball droid in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' isn't the next Jar Jar.

#The Rock

The Rock Is Quite Flattered By This Ridiculously Huge Leg Tattoo Of His Face

By | 8 Comments

Dwayne Johnson shared his appreciation of one unknown man's incredibly large tattoo of the action movie star's face.

bad teachers

A Teacher Tattooed The Name Of A Female Student She Allegedly Had Sexual Relations With On Her Body

By | 17 Comments

A North Carolina teacher reportedly had inappropriate relations with an underage student, whose name she had tattooed on her chest.


Your First Look At John Cena’s Heel Character In ‘The Nest’ And Oh God, He Has Neck Tattoos

By | 21 Comments

John Cena plays a bad guy in Tina Fey's new movie 'The Nest,' and now he's covered in tattoos. Yes, John Cena with a neck tattoo.

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