'Community' Intro Done In 'Law and Order' Style Is Streets Ahead


DUN DUN Community returns from hiatus this Thursday, so Tauntr put together a mashup of Community and NBC's longtime meal-ticket show, Law & Order, which is particularly fitting since an upcoming episode of Community is going to pay homage to the straight-from-the-headlines procedural.

#nick offerman

Ron Swanson Is The Riddler, Also Dispenses Advice

The photoshop wizards at Tauntr created the fantastic poster above after we all learned of his greatness Ron Swanson's love of riddles.


Tensions At #OccupySesameStreet Are Heating Up (New Photoshops)


Last week Burnsy brought us the glorious news of #OccupySesameStreet, the set of photoshops depicting characters from Sesame Street as #OccupyWallStreet protesters.


It Was Inevitable: #OccupySesameStreet Has Finally Come To Life


The Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City is a lot of things – controversial, inspiring, frustrating, maddening, spirited, confusing – so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this ongoing effort by the so-called 99% rallying against the so-called 1% is now invoking its fair share of satire.


Ben & Jerry’s Dude Food: The Dude Abides

Our friend Jon Defreest is back with another fictional and delcious-sounding pop culture Ben & Jerry's flavor (previously: Dexter's "Miami Slice" and Ron Swanson's "All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have") that I'm certain would become Vermont's Finest's all-time best seller if it ever went into production.

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