'Community' Intro Done In 'Law and Order' Style Is Streets Ahead

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DUN DUN Community returns from hiatus this Thursday, so <a href="">Tauntr</a> put together a mashup of Community and NBC's longtime meal-ticket show, Law & Order, which is particularly fitting since an upcoming episode of Community is going to pay homage to the straight-from-the-headlines procedural.


So This Happened: Bryan Cranston Wore Breaking Bad Chuck Taylors To An Awards Show

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Back in November we posted some <a href="">TV-themed Chuck Taylor All-Stars</a> illustrated by <a href="!/jonnyetc">Jon Defreest</a>, whose work is <a href="">often featured</a> here.


Ron Swanson Is The Riddler, Also Dispenses Advice


The photoshop wizards at <a href="">Tauntr</a> created the fantastic poster above after we all learned of his greatness Ron Swanson's love of riddles.

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Tensions At #OccupySesameStreet Are Heating Up (New Photoshops)

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Last week Burnsy brought us the glorious news of #OccupySesameStreet, the <a href="">set of photoshops</a> depicting characters from Sesame Street as #OccupyWallStreet protesters.


It Was Inevitable: #OccupySesameStreet Has Finally Come To Life

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The Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City is a lot of things – controversial, inspiring, frustrating, maddening, spirited, confusing – so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this ongoing effort by the so-called 99% rallying against the so-called 1% is now invoking its fair share of satire.


Ben & Jerry’s Dude Food: The Dude Abides


Our friend <a href="!/jonnyetc" target="_blank">Jon Defreest</a> is back with another fictional and delcious-sounding pop culture Ben & Jerry's flavor (previously: <a href="" target="_blank">Dexter's "Miami Slice"</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Ron Swanson's "All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have"</a>) that I'm certain would become Vermont's Finest's all-time best seller if it ever went into production.

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