Chris Tucker Owes The IRS $14 Million In Back Taxes

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Chris Tucker owes more in taxes than you will make in your entire lifetime.


Lauryn Hill’s Officially An Inmate As Of Today

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After being convicted of tax evasion back in May of this year, Lauryn Hill is now officially an inmate.


ConservoTax: Tax Software For Republicans


There's no reason to fear the liberal eyes of the IRS when you’ve got ConservoTax.


Apple Unsurprisingly Avoided Paying Billions In Taxes

By | 31 Comments

Apple has not been paying its fair share of taxes. We'll give you a moment to recover from your shock.


IRS Hits Mary J. Blige With $3.4 Million Tax Lien

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As if things could get any worse for Mary J.


Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison For Tax Evasion

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Lauryn Hill went to court Monday, thinking she could spend as much as three years in prison for tax evasion.


Lauryn Hill Paid Off Her Tax Debt In A Mysterious, Bizarre Way. Naturally.

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Lauryn Hill paid off her $900,000 tax debt, but there are still so many questions about how it happened.


Bill Tull’s Tax Tips


Conan's insanely cheap propmaster reveals ways to cheat the taxman.


SNL: Drunk Uncle on Taxes (with Peter Dinklage)


Drunk Uncle and Peter Dinklage stop by Weekend Update to discuss taxes.


Nick Diaz Probably Retired So He Could Go To Prison

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On Saturday night, Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, for the lack of a much better term, gave us a very disappointing finale to their courtship of craziness over the past several months.


Texas Bro Blew All His Tax Return Money On Strippers, Told Wife And Police That He Was Robbed


21-year old, Jesus Mata, Jr. spent his entire $1,000 tax return at a strip club and then told his girlfriend and police that he was robbed by six men in two trucks.


Facebook Is Getting A $429 Million Tax Refund

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Facebook is getting a half a billion back in taxes, paid no taxes this year, and made $1.1 billion in profit. Torches to the left, pitchforks to the right.

#video games

Stupid Missouri Bill Aims To Tax Violent Video Games Like ‘The Sims 3′

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To fight the nonexistent scourge of video game induced violence, Representative Diane Franklin (R, MO) introduced a bill to tax "violent" video games. But wait, it gets even sillier.


R. Kelly Is Good At Singing, Bad At Paying Taxes

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R. Kelly owes the IRS $6 million in unpaid taxes. I believe this is referred to as a "full Snipes."


Money Woes Got You Down? Let Jose Canseco Walk You Through Bankruptcy

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As I pointed out last week, Jose Canseco, the former baseball player who uses Twitter to beg Major League Baseball teams to consider signing a 48-year old designated hitter, now has a new gig as a columnist for Vice.


Watch The Lien: Dame Dash & Beanie Sigel Vs. The IRS

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"So the love is gone, 'til blood is drawn So we no longer wear the same uniform F*ck you squares, the circle got smaller The castle got bigger, the walls got taller And truth be told after all that said Niggas still got love for you.


Mark Zuckerberg ‘cool’ with paying more taxes

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Mark Zuckerberg gets a lot of sh*t, perhaps deservedly so, for being all sorts of unseemly things -- shady idea thief chief among them.


Poker Sites Go Up The River


Poker Shutdown On Friday the F.


What Do You Get A Gorilla For His Birthday?


Walk like a man A gorilla who became internet famous when videos of him walking upright went viral on YouTube was given presents to celebrate his 21st birthday this week.

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