call of duty: advanced warfare

Taylor Kitsch And Emily Ratajkowski Star In A ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer

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For some reason Activision decided box-office poison, Taylor Kitsch was the perfect guy to promote the latest 'Call of Duty'.


The Final Roles Are Being Cast For ‘True Detective’ Season 2

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A 'Hunger Games' star and 'Suits' actresses are among the people rumored to be joining the cast.

#True Detective

Taylor Kitsch Thinks It Would Be Nice If HBO Would Let Him Be In Season Two Of ‘True Detective’

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Taylor Kitsch was asked about those 'True Detective' casting rumors but he stayed coy on the subject, at least for now.

#True Detective

Confirmed: Both Colin Farrell And Vince Vaughn Will Star In ‘True Detective’ Season Two

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After nearly two months of speculation, Vince Vaughn's involvement in 'True Detective' season two has been confirmed.


A Female Lead Is Being Eyed For ‘True Detective,’ And She Is Perfect

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Plus, more plot details emerge for the second season of 'True Detective.'

unnecessary remakes

Taylor Kitsch Will Play The Lead In The Unnecessary Remake Of ‘The Raid’

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Taylor Kitsch is in talks to play the lead in the English-language remake of 'The Raid.' See? This is what happens when you refuse to read subtitles.


Major Plot Details Emerge About ‘True Detective’ Season Two

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A 'Chinatown' plotline involving corruption, drugs, prostitutes, and the occult seems to be in the works for 'True Detective' season two.


Aw, That’s Cute: Taylor Kitsch Wishes They’d Make ‘John Carter 2′

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Taylor Kitsch seems like an okay guy, but he's still holding onto that 'John Carter 2' hope.


Which Version Of 'Savages' Would You Rather See?

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Savages opens tomorrow and despite looking fantastically violent, trending fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and featuring the most Blake Lively sideboob of any film in 2012 it feels a little untalked about. Maybe Travolta Handjobgate has something to do with it. I'm not sure.


Here Is Everything Rihanna Says in 'Battleship'

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Did you think we were done with But that's not what we're here for.


To Celebrate The Opening Of 'Battleship', Here Are All The Parodies We Have

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In case you hadn't noticed from the ads all over this page, Battleship is showing in theaters in North America now.


New Battleship Clips: A Warning From Rihanna And Brooklyn Decker’s Quest For A Burrito

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We don't know which is weirder: that Universal sunk over $200 million into a movie about the board game battleship or that it opened in the #1 spot in 24 out of 26 countries overseas.


Blake Lively gets double teamed by drug dealers

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MTV just released the trailer for Oliver Stone's Savages, but since that version is region-locked, I've got your YouTube copy after the jump.

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