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Jason Jones Is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ To Star In A New TBS Show

By | 15 Comments

Another 'Daily Show' fixture is leaving, but at least we know where Jason Jones is going.


TBS Is Probably Speeding Up ‘Seinfeld’ Reruns To Fit In More Commercials

By | 22 Comments

In the age of 22-minute run-times, the longer episodes of 'Seinfeld' just won't do for TBS.


Reminder: Conan O’Brien Is As Funny As Ever

By | 14 Comments

Some recent 'Conan' bits that prove Coco is as funny as ever.


If You Didn’t Watch ‘Ground Floor,’ You Weren’t The Only One. TBS Just Canceled It.

By | 33 Comments

While TBS has been doing its best to be one of television's top homes for comedy, it sadly can't make everything work.


Ranking Every Christmas Episode Of ‘American Dad!’

By | 10 Comments

The long-running animated series tends to its best work around the holidays.


The Cast Of ‘Cougar Town’ Prepares For The Final Season In ‘One Last Pour’

By | 4 Comments

The cast of TBS's 'Cougar Town' puts a happy tune to the final season in this music video for 'One Last Pour.'


Ranking Roger’s 10 Most Memorable Disguises On ‘American Dad’

By | 25 Comments

From Tearjerker to Martin Sugar, 10 of the best disguises from everyone's favorite drunk, pansexual alien.


TBS Orders Road Trip Comedy Pilot From Samantha Bee And Jason Jones

By | 2 Comments

Samantha Bee and Jason Jone's road trip comedy has gotten a pilot order from TBS.


‘And That’s The Story Of That One Time I Took LSD': 7 Of Andy Richter’s Funniest Moments On ‘Conan’

By | 6 Comments

From the paper turkey hunt to his awesome burn on Chelsea Handler, here are Andy Richter's best moments on 'Conan.'


What’s On Tonight: ‘American Dad!’ On TBS Very Funny

By | 12 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season premiere of "American Dad!" on TBS.


15 Brutal Insults From Roger Smith Of ‘American Dad’

Promoted by American Dad

All of Roger's most viciously sick burns.


Did Pedro Martinez Toe The Line Of Professionalism While Ripping Ned Yost?

By | 13 Comments

Was Pedro Martinez unprofessional last night in his take down of Ned Yost?

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Here’s The MLB Broadcast Team From TBS Spoofing The ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite’ Guy


This is about 5 years too late but it's wonderful nonetheless. TBS crew beautifully spoofs Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy.

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Conan O’Brien And Will Arnett React To Robin Williams’ Death During Show Taping

By | 6 Comments

Conan O'Brien was taping last night's episode when the news of Robin Williams' death broke. Watch their reaction and a classic video here.


The Guys Behind ‘Super Troopers’ And ‘Beerfest’ Are Developing A TBS Comedy

By | 19 Comments

TBS is meow developing a new sitcom with the guys from Broken Lizard.


Taye Diggs Violated Andy Richter To Prove He Can Be In ‘Magic Mike XXL’


Responding to rumors that he's being cast in 'Magic Mike XXL,' Taye Diggs showed off his moves by dancing on Andy Richter on 'Conan.'


How Many Of The 25 Greatest ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes Do You Agree With?

By | 37 Comments

In honor of 25 years of "Seinfeld," here are the 25 greatest episodes...of "Seinfeld."


The 10 Best ‘American Dad!’ Episodes (Of The Fox Era)

By | 32 Comments

American Dad! has aired its final episode on the Fox network. Let's look at 10 of its finest episodes from the Animation Domination years.

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Pete Holmes Surprises And Seduces With A New ‘Ex-Men’ Sketch Starring Jean Grey

By | 9 Comments

Pete Holmes stars as Professor X, attempting to seduce Jean Grey and learning a valuable message about messing with Phoenix.

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M. Bison Doesn’t Take Bad News Well In The New Street Fighter Red Tape Sketch

By | 6 Comments

'The Pete Holmes Show' has a new installment of their Street Fighter Red Tape series, in which Holmes questions the street fighters' methods.

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