Victoria Jackson: A Comprehensive Timeline Of A Descent Into Madness

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Ever wonder how Victoria Jackson went from being a promising actress and comedian to a crazy tea party activist? We broke down the timeline.


A Tea Party Group Missed The Lesson On Satire And Used ‘Bioshock Infinite’ To Promote Their Message

By | 8 Comments

The National Liberty Federation may have intentionally or unintentionally co-opted 'Bioshock Infinite'


Naturally, Stephen Colbert Had Something Hilarious To Say About The GOP Congressman Caught In A Coke Bust

By | 4 Comments

Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel pled guilty this week to purchasing an 8-ball of cocaine from an undercover cop. Cue Stephen Colbert.

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Allow The Tea Party Insult Generator To Waste Several Hours Of Your Lives

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The Tea Party Insult Generator uses actual insults left on John Boehner's Facebook page to create fresh, new insults.

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Watch A Tea Party Congressman Get All Up In A Park Ranger's Face Over A Closed National Park

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Tea Party congressman Randy Neugebauer - who voted to shut down the government - got verbally abusive with a park ranger for a park being shut down.

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The Government Shutdown Was Caused By A Sunday School Teacher

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Rep. Mark Meadows, a former Sunday school teacher from North Carolina, is the guy behind the government shutdown. Here's what you should know about him.

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Carl Sciortino Jr.’s New Political Ad Is A Nice Change Of Pace

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In his new political ad, Massachusetts' liberal Carl Sciortino Jr. has a playful exchange with his dad, who is a member of the Tea Party.


People Are Upset That The WWE Is Using A Tea Party Gimmick Now

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I’ll start by prefacing this post with the standard reminder that I am not a political person and I do not ever intend to express my political or religious beliefs to you, the reader.

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This Six-Year-Old Kid Makes Some Good Points About Why We Shouldn’t Vote For Obama

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The fact that Isaac can’t vote for 12 more years doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t important — he just wants everyone to know that if Obama wins again, he might kill every baby in the country.

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Poor Tea Party birthers: We love rich Donald Trump

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Over the past few years countless videos have hit the web that were taken at tea party rallies across the country, featuring a host of ass-backwards people saying a host of ass-backwards things.

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