Dying Meme Watch: 'Kaepernicking' Is A Thing Now, Because Of Course It Is


When San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh opted to stick with Colin Kaepernick as his starting quarterback even after a concussed Alex Smith had been cleared to play, a lot of Niner fans were pissed off.


Important Update: I'm Still Not Buying The Lawnmower Kid's Tebowing Story


Last month, 17-year old Josh Ehrenberg shoehorned himself into the national news scene when he told a local TV news crew that a man attacked him while he was mowing his lawn.


Griffining Is Here, It's Not Going Away, Get Used To It


The Washington Redskins are currently 1-0 after a huge 40-32 Week 1 victory over the New Orleans Saints, and naturally the buzz of that win revolved around how great rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III played.


News Story Of The Year: Man Tebowed After Pushing Kid From Tractor… Or Did He???


In a bizarre news story that is spreading across the Intertubes like wildfire, 17-year old Josh Ehrenberg from Shenango, Pennsylvania recently filed a police report after a man assaulted him while he was mowing the lawn.


Attention Serious Journalists: Do Not Tebow During Your Hurricane Isaac Report

I am well aware that blogging on a sports comedy site does not make me a "journalist" or a "reporter", and sure, 90% of my day is collecting cheesy wrestler photos until I can run downstairs and watch movies, but Jesus Christ, even my highest-of-the-low-quality-writers no-worth-ethic-having ass would not use my internationally-broadcast Weather Channel report on Hurricane Isaac as an excuse to "Tebow".


Move Over, Tebow: 'Felixing' Is The New Craze


Since a run of four 90+ win seasons from 2000-2003, the Seattle Mariners have had just 2 winning seasons.


On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Excited Are You That Video Game Tebow Can Tebow


There isn't much to do when you're the creative director of a Madden game ("okay, this year I think we're gonna make it look like football"), so EA Sports' Mike Young has spent the last few weeks tweeting about the amazing new features set to debut in Madden NFL 13, such as Tim Tebow being able to Tebow.


Here's Paul Pierce Tebowing, Because The Celtics Only Like Super Old Things


This is a video of Paul Pierce "Tebowing", which caused CBS Boston to ask the question, "Is Paul Pierce Tebowing?" Many people thought he was doing the move named after New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, who gets down on a knee and bows his head for a brief prayer on the field.


'South Park' Takes On Catbreading And Other Memes

Hey, they found our pictures of the UPROXX interns.


Tebowing Is Older Than Billy Crystal


Back To School Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/6/12 Is The Best In The World At What It Does


Pre-show notes: - My screencap guy bailed on me (and I'm writing this from Not My Computer, so I don't have a reliable source for a torrent.


As A Thank You, Here Are Baby Sloths Being Swaddled (Plus Morning Links)


Seriously though, big ups to Biggie Smalls Danger Guerrero for filling in yesterday so I could enjoy my birthday.


Ever Wondered What It Would Look Like If A Bunch Of Playboy Playmates Tebowed?


When it comes to Playboy Magazine, I look at it a lot like “Saturday Night Live.

#jimmy fallon

Tebowie Throws From Station To Station


And here I thought The Venture Bros.


Yes, Taiwan Seriously Just Animated Tim Tebow Being Crucified


I didn't think Next Media Animation could top Tim Tebow as an angel stabbing a dolphin to death with a spear, but their latest episode features Tebow literally being crucified, crown of thorns and everything, and Jesus Christ himself, the son of an X-Box-purchasing God, Tebowing after defeating Satan with the Broncos in a game of heavenly Madden.

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