Mathematical! A Real BMO From ‘Adventure Time’ Was Built From LEGO And A $35 Computer.

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BMO from 'Adventure Time' has been re-created in real life with LEGO and a Raspberry Pi running Linux to play games and surf the web.


Why Nobody Wants A Smartwatch Even Though Tech Companies Insist On Making Them

By | 12 Comments

The smartwatch is popular among tech companies... and no one else. Here's why.


BlackBerry Is Trying To Sell Its Offices, A Sign That It May Be Done For

By | 10 Comments

BlackBerry continues to try and stave off the inevitable, this time with real estate sales!


YouTube Comments Are Set To Become Somewhat Less Awful

By | 16 Comments

YouTube comments are the worst thing in the world, but things might be getting a little better.


Every Tech Commercial


Technology commercials are in desperate need of an upgrade.

streaming video

Amazon Is Testing Its Own Massive Wireless Network

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Amazon might want to be your cellphone provider... or at least give all your Amazon devices free 3G, though its own wireless network.


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Is Retiring. But His Insane, Frothy YouTube Clips Will Live On.


Steve Ballmer will retire in the next year, and pass the ceremonial tongue onto somebody else.


Five Mistakes Too Many Kickstarters Make

By | 8 Comments

Kickstarter is home to many great ideas... and many horrible marketing mistakes.

a series of tubes

In Which We Attempt To Explain The Hyperloop With A Minimum Of ‘Futurama’ Jokes

By | 18 Comments

Yesterday, Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX) released open source plans for a "Hyperloop" fast transit system, and we attempt to summarize.


This Phlebotomist Robot Thirsts For Your Blood (Video And GIFs)

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Someone built a phlebotomist robot that can insert IVs and partially automate blood draws. THANKS, WE NEEDED THAT.


Study: 3D Printing In Your House Is As Unhealthy As Smoking, Is Terrible For Your Lungs, Heart & Brain

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3D printing might be killing you. Gee, melting plastic in your house is dangerous?


Baby’s Priceless First iPad Encounter


This kid is experiencing an iPad for the first time, and he could not be more thrilled.


Got A Hunger For Some Dunkin Donuts In Your Car? GM Wants An App For That


If you’re the kind of person who loves to grab a donut and cup of coffee in the morning but hates running into <a href="" target="_blank">sociopathic, racist women</a> bent on destroying every remaining shred of humanity as we know it, General Motors is working on an automobile app system just for you.


The Five Most Important Revelations From Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013

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The Worldwide Developer's Conference for 2013 has kicked off... but what has Apple brought to the table?


Facebook: The Musical


The world's #1 social network -- and the experience of using it -- gets a musical tribute of sorts.


A Facebook Update in Real Life


A real life tale of what it feels like when Facebook suddenly changes things around again.


Censored AT&T Commercial


Taking a page out of <a href="">Jimmy Kimmel</a>'s playbook and <a href="">unnecessarily censoring</a> one of AT&T's child-centric "It's Not Complicated" commercials can produce hilarious results.


Amish IT Guy


It turns out hiring an amish guy to handle the company's technology issues was a terrible mistake.


SNL: Google Glass


Tech correspondent Randall Meeks has high praise for Google Glass.


The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today. Let Us Celebrate With Internet Goodness.

By | 15 Comments

Today is the World Wide Web's 20th birthday in the public domain. Let's celebrate with pictures both about the web and made possible by the web. So meta.

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