WWE Toured Silicon Valley, So Here’s John Cena And Hulk Hogan Being Dorky Old Men With Technology

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As a bonus we also have Vince McMahon using Oculus Rift and Stephanie wishing she worked for Google.

3D printing

The Most Amazing Things People Have Made With 3D Printers

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3D printing is already creating amazing things, from violins to racecars.


Beyonce Rocked A Phone-Charging Jacket To A Basketball Game

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Now that Beyonce' has been seen wearing the Morphie unisex phone charging jacket, safe to say they will be the next big thing.

3D printer

Doctors Use A 3D Printer To Help With Complicated Heart Surgery On A 4-Year-Old Girl


Doctors recently saved a four-year-old girl's life by printing out a 3D replica of her heart to help with her complicated surgery.


Watch As Imogen Heap Demonstrates Her New Musical Gloves

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The musician has been working for several years to create a way to wirelessly communicate with a soundboard while onstage.


This Seven Year Old Got A Badass ‘Stars Wars’-Themed Prosthetic Arm

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A young boy got the surprise of his life when the E-Nable crew 3D printed him out an arm based on Star Wars characters he loves so much.


Happiness Is A Big Box Of Used CDs

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Placing value on the forgotten music medium.

warp drive

A Nebraska Man Is Building A Warp Drive In His Own Garage

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In a world where building a warp drive seemed an impossible feat, one man dared dream big enough to try and make it a reality.

#Video Games

The New 3DS Comes With A Secret Game You Can Unlock Using A Familiar Song

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Tapping out the first notes of the Super Mario Bros. them on the New 3DS will get you something interesting.


Police In Afghanistan Encountered A Makeshift ‘Bird Bomb’ That Exploded After Being Shot And Killed


Militants in northern Afghanistan strapped explosives to a wild bird and set it loose. Early indications suggest a faint metallic taste.

#Bill Murray

Breaking News: Bill Murray Finally Got A BlackBerry

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After decades of deliberation, the actors has decided to finally purchase a BBM.

3D printing

Fold Paper Like A Badass With This Amazing Paper Airplane Machine Gun

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Think you can make a pretty good paper airplane? How about one-per-second?


Movie Theaters Will Introduce Seat Sensors So Viewers Can Interact with On-Screen Ads. HOORAY.

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Developers have created technology that will allow viewers to interact with ads/lose their souls on screen.


How Are Those ‘Back To The Future II’ Predictions Looking? Here Are Five On The Verge Of Coming True.

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'Back To The Future II' still has a year or so on the clock, and it might be closer to reality than you think.


The Amazon Fire Phone: Everything You Need To Know

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The Amazon Fire Phone is here! But should you buy it? Let's take it apart and find out.


Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Almost Here

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Are you ready for your car to drive you around?

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Technology Is Going To Help A Paralyzed Teen Kick The First Ball At The World Cup

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The Walk Again Project has developed an exoskeleton that will allow a paralyzed person to kick the first ball at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Introducing The Autoblow 2: The Machine That Will **** Your ****

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In what all the major news outlets are calling the story of the century, some guy named Brian invented a second electric BJ machine.

TV Shows

Want To Save The TV Shows You Love? Purchase Them.

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Putting your money where your fandom is might be the best method to save your shows.

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