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Want To Save The TV Shows You Love? Purchase Them.

By | 9 Comments

Putting your money where your fandom is might be the best method to save your shows.


The Dugout: Don Zimmer Is Not Allowed In Without A Flex Pack

By | 10 Comments

In today's edition of The Dugout, Don Zimmer doesn't understand how technology works and fears it will keep him from ever watching baseball again.


Check Out London’s Freaky Underground Farm


London now has a farm deep within its bowels. No, we meant the tunnels.


Good God, Somebody Turned A 3D Printer Into An Air Hockey Dominating Robot

By | 2 Comments

If the world wasn't already filled with enough godless killing machines, here's a 3D printer turned into a robot that dominates you at air hockey.

government mandates

Vehicle-To-Vehicle Tech Will Soon Be Standard In All American Cars

By | 4 Comments

Vehicle-to-vehicle tech might save your life. And soon, it's going to be standard.


Forget Jetpacks, Scientists Can Now Levitate Objects With Sound

By | 5 Comments

Sci-fi tech continues to be made real, as scientists can now levitate objects with sound waves...

facial hair

This Woman Spent 2013 Recreating The Selfies Of The Mustachioed Stranger Who Has Her Long Lost iPhone

By | 37 Comments

If you're going to take ridiculous selfies with an iPhone that isn't yours, you might want to check the iCloud settings first.


The NSA’s PRISM Program Has Been Deemed Unconstitutional. But Will Anything Change?

By | 4 Comments

The NSA's PRISM program has been ruled unconstitutional. But if you want privacy, there's a lot more work to be done.


Here’s Why Google Wants To Build Robots

By | 7 Comments

Google has been on a major robot buying spree, and it might be for reasons other than you might think.

card skimmers

Credit Card Thieves Are Getting Disturbingly Good At Credit Card Thievery

By | 9 Comments

Credit card thieves have turned the card skimmer into a disturbingly simple and effective tool.

galaxy gear

Why Are Tech Companies Weirdly Stuck In The ’80s?

By | 12 Comments

Major technology companies have a recent, and troubling theme to their announcements: They're firmly stuck in the 80s.

holiday shopping

The Five Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals

By | 2 Comments

Cyber Monday is upon us... and there are great deals to be found.


Thanks To A New Electrode, You Can Now Taste The Internet

By | 2 Comments

A new electrode allows you to digitally simulate taste. Oh, yeah, this will end well.

big brother

Google Patented A Lie Detector That Can Be Glued To Your Throat

By | 2 Comments

Google has a lie detector it wants to glue to your throat.

Happy Meals

McDonald’s Might Soon Spoil Your Children With Toys On Demand Cranked Out By 3D Printers

By | 4 Comments

Mcdonald's wants to give brats a chance to swap out unwanted toys for fresh 3D printed figures at restaurants everywhere. A poor idea or genius marketing?


Bill Gates Is Not A Fan Of Tech Sector “Charity”

By | 14 Comments

Bill Gates has a few choice words for tech companies putting the Internet over, say, malaria.


Netflix now has more paid subscribers than HBO, says report

By | 15 Comments

While Netflix has long refused to release <a href="" target="_blank">viewership data</a>, according to a <a href="" target="_blank">new report in Bloomberg</a>, Netflix has passed HBO in paid subscribers.


Stephen Colbert’s Attempt To Top The Fox News Deck Had So Many Violent Repurcussions

By | 4 Comments

Stephen Colbert attempted to exceed the absurdity of The Fox News Deck with series of doomed upgrades to his own studio.

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