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This Week In Synergy: A&E Wants Ted To Stop By ‘Wahlburgers’

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The producer of 'Wahlburgers' is hoping that Mark Wahlberg can convince Seth MacFarlane to stop by with a 'Ted' cameo.

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‘High TED Talks’ Gives A Much-Needed Platform To Your Stoned College Roommate

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College Humor have outdone themselves with High TED Talks, a parody of TED videos. To be fair, that giant LEGO idea sounds awesome.

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The ‘Ted’ Remix (NSFW) – Morning Links

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I still haven't seen Ted, but I bet this musical remix is way better.


Your Official FilmDrunk 2013 Oscars Drinking Game

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The Oscars telecast begins at 5:30 Pacific Time this Sunday, February 24th, on ABC, with Seth MacFarlane as host, taking over for the incomparable Billy Crystal.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Jeremy Renner Eats Matt Damon’s Table Scraps

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We're getting closer to Christmas, and Hollywood has something for everyone to stuff in their stocking this week, assuming everyone wants The Bourne Legacy, Ted, or Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The Onion Parodies A TED Talk Brilliantly: 'Why Does The Duck Say Quack?'

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I enjoy a good TED talk on YouTube every once in a while, but they can be pompous and nonsensical. Leave it to The Onion to illustrate this brilliantly.

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'The Dark Tower' May Be Resurrected By The Studio Behind 'Ted'

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Warner Brothers just passed on developing Ron Howard's 'The Dark Tower' movie trilogy and TV show, but this gunslinger ain't dead yet.


How Big Is Infinity?


Using the fundamentals of set theory, explore the mind-bending concept of the "infinity of infinities" -- and how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contains unanswerable questions.


Box Office News: America Hates Katy Perry

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On Friday, I begged America to take a step in the right direction toward financial responsibility, and for the most part people listened.


Plushie pervs love Ted, apparently

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In what is perhaps the most important news of the millennium, it seems people who like to f*ck teddy bears would also like to f*ck the teddy bear in Ted, the <a href="" target="_blank">$50-million-grossing </a>film from Seth MacFarlane.


Weekend Movie Guide: Magic Magic Mike, Y'all

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Opening Errwherrr, WHAT SON: MAGIC MIKE.

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Let's Watch Mila Kunis Shoot A Basketball On An Infinite Loop

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Last week, I briefly discussed how ABC <a href="">should be giving us more Jimmy Kimmel before NBA Finals games</a> than what we’re currently getting.


Wawtch Mahky Mahk pahty with a fackin teddy beah

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At long last, we have the first trailer for Ted, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's directawrial debut, starring <a href="" target="_blank">Wahlburger's</a> co-founder Mark Wahlberg as a guy whose Teddy Bear came to life as a result of a childhood wish and hasn't left his side since.


This Week in Posters and Promo Stills: Happytime Murders, Edward Penishands

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS AND PROMO STILLS: Before we start this week, a little housekeeping.


Quad. Quadrotor.


Yesterday, Vijay Kumar from the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab presented some of their research at the TED2012 conference.


Guy Pearce Gives A TED Talk As His ‘Prometheus’ Character

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"I invite you all to take the 'pull my finger' challenge.


Is Gaming Responsible For Rising IQ Scores?


Short answer: we don't know yet, but Gabe Zichermann posed the hypothesis while giving a TED talk on the benefits of letting kids play certain video games (and incorporating fun and co-operative gaming principles into classroom learning).

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Video Game Scare Stories Have a Pattern


It's a given that Old Media loves hating on video games.


Seth MacFarlane directing film about perverted Teddy bear

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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has signed a deal with Universal to make his feature film directorial debut on Ted, a $65 million "hard-R" picture about "a man and his teddy bear.

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