Important: A Flying Rabbit Screwed Teddy Out Of The Easter Day Presidents Race


The Easter Bunny interrupted the 4/20 Racing Presidents race with a dive onto Teddy Roosevelt. Don't know know what he does to wild game?


The Most Important Sports Story Of Our Lifetime: Teddy Won The Presidents Race

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Teddy finally won the GEICO Racing Presidents race at Nationals Park.


Let Teddy Win (At Hockey)

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I almost went with "n/t" for the body of this, but here goes.


Epic Presidential Bad*ssery With DeviantArt

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A little over a year ago artist Jason Heuser (aka SharpWriter on DeviantArt) caught the epic-appreciating eye of the internet with his piece "Washington Vs.


Ride a Segway, Carry a Big Stick

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Between Cleveland and Texas, I spent about half a year living in Washington D.

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