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Ryan Gosling Continues To Be The Greatest Person Alive

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KTLA entertainment reporter and voice modulation disorder survivor Sam Rubin was <a href="">recently offered the chance to interview Ryan Gosling</a>, because that’s what an entertainment reporter is paid to do, but he apparently didn’t want to fly from L.


South Florida Girl Pulls A Lindsay Lohan, Gets 30 Days In Jail For Giving A Judge The Finger

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Back in 2010, during one of her court appearances that I’ve since lost count of, Lindsay Lohan caused a media stir when it was reported that <a href="">she gave the judge the finger in an incredibly subtle manner</a>.


Girl’s Alleged Bucket List Wish To Trend On Twitter Sadly No Where To Be Found On Bucket List

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If you spent any time at all last night on Twitter, there's a good chance you ran across at least one tweet containing the hashtag, "#alicebucketlist.

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