A Teen Was Charged With Murder After Uploading A Selfie With The Victim’s Body To Snapchat

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This Pennsylvania 16-year-old boasted about his alleged crime on the social network photo app.

Crime Spree

Modern-Day Bonnie And Clyde Finally Arrested After Alleged Crime Spree That Lasted Nearly Two Weeks

By | 21 Comments

18-year-old Dalton Hayes and 13-year-old Cheyenne Phillips wreaked havoc in South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.


This Teen Came Up With The Perfect Solution To Avoid Answering Relatives’ Redundant Holiday Questions

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Remember what it was like to get annoying questions about college and stuff during the holidays? This girl found a way to avoid that.


Meet The Teen That Allegedly Killed His Father With A Crossbow To Avoid An Argument Over Skipping School

By | 15 Comments

Seth Ramsey believed he had been caught cutting classes. In order to avoid punishment, he allegedly shot and killed his dad with a crossbow.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Five Teens Have Been Arrested In Connection With That Horrible Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

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Five Ohio teens have finally been arrested for dumping a bucket filled with feces and bodily fluids over an autistic boy's head.


An Indiana Teenager Was Arrested For Leaving A Waitress A Tip Covered In Sh*t

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I don't care how bad your service was, there is never, ever an excuse for leaving a waitress a tip covered in human sh*t.


This Teen Recovering From Dental Surgery Is The Second Coming Of ‘David After Dentist’

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Teen son confused and distraught after dental surgery? Seems as good a time than any to pull out the video camera!


A Teen Obsessed With ‘Dexter’ Was Sent To Prison For Murdering His Girlfriend

By | 14 Comments

Steven Miles loved "Dexter" so much, he decided to act like the Showtime serial killer.


Drew Carey Offers $10K Reward To Find Those Behind A Disgusting Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

By | 42 Comments

Authorities are seeking those behind a cruel prank on an autistic teen disguised as the ice bucket challenge and Drew Carey wants to help.


A Kid Taking Creepshots On The Beach With A Helicopter Drone Got His Ass Handed To Him By An Angry Woman

By | 104 Comments

A teen named Austin Haughwout (actual name) messed with the wrong woman with his creepy voyeur drone on a public beach.


A Teen Was Booted From His Baseball Team For Growing His Hair Long So He Could Donate It For Cancer Wigs

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A baseball player in Alberta was kicked off of his team after he refused to cut his hair, which he was growing long for cancer wigs.

youtube covers

Watch 17-Year Old Dylan Gardner Cover The Second Side Of ‘Abbey Road’ In Under 3 Minutes

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On the 44th anniversary of the breakup of the Beatles, Dylan Gardner covered the second side of Abbey Road using a bunch of different instruments.


A Teenage Girl Had To Be Pulled Out Of A Sewer After Trying To Retrieve Her Cell Phone

By | 9 Comments

A teenager in England had to be rescued by firefighters on after she hopped into a storm drain in an attempt to fetch her dropped Blackberry.


Meet Kwasi Enin, The High School Student Who Was Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

By | 17 Comments

Seventeen-year old Kwasi Enin pulled off the unthinkable by applying to and being accepted by all 8 Ivy League institutions.


Teenagers Of Reddit Tell Us: What's Cool Nowadays

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If you take away their fancy smartphones, teenagers today aren't all that much different than when we were growing up.

#dumb criminals

You’ll Never Guess What Happened When A Bank Accidentally Deposited $31,000 Into A Teenager’s Account

By | 20 Comments

Earlier this month a man deposited $31,000 into his bank, however due to an oversight the money was accidentally given to an 18-year-old with the same name.


A Sneaky Teenager Bypassed Security At The World Trade Center Like A Ninja

By | 5 Comments

A teenager bypassed all of the security at the WTC Freedom Tower because he has that ability. Lock your doors!


It Wasn’t A Good Idea For The Local News Team To Interview This Teen Stoner

By | 6 Comments

Who gives better, more enlightening interviews than teenage stoners?

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