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The Olympicks – The Beats That Didn’t Make Teflon Don

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Certain controversies may have thrust Rick Ross into the public eye but his music maintains a certain characteristic that made him a star.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. Gucci Mane – “MC Hammer” Video

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<a href=""> Sorry to burst your bubble, <a href="">Stanley</a>.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross – “I’m Not A Star” Video

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<a href=""> All slick talk, jokes and b#llshit aside, Ross' Teflon Don has its share of mammoth tracks, of which "I'm Not A Star" is one. Of course, it's not filet but we all enjoy a taste Quarter Pounder with cheese every now and then. The videos for the album? Rawse wasted the budget. One or two great videos would really have trumped releasing this continuous slew of shitty clips. Can't be in the upper echelon without one or two of your videos being Puffy-level events. Spotted @ <a href="">Nigel's</a>.

Teflon Don

“I’m Not A Star” – Review Of Rick Ross’ Teflon Don

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<a href=""> Thanks to a bit of good fortune and the stubbornness of a bull, <a href="">Rick Ross</a> has been able to navigate towards the upper echelon of today’s batch of rappers.

The Runners

Rick Ross Feat. Raekwon – “Audio Meth”

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<a href=""> <a href="">The Big Bawse Man</a> calls up Raekwon to ad-lib on the iTunes Bonus Track for Teflon Don.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. Cee-Lo – “Tears Of Joy”

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<a href=""> So we just gonna leak every song off the album huh, <a href="">Ross</a>.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. Styles P – “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” Video

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<a href=""> Summer banger? Without a doubt. Teflon Don still sounds like <a href="">3.5</a> though.


Drake – “Paris Morton Music”

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<a href=""> A full verse and singing chorus from <a href="">Drake</a>, which was left off <a href="">Ross' "Aston Martin Music."</a> <a href="">Drake - "Paris Morton Music"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Update: Extended version with both Drake & Ross.

#Jay Z

Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z & John Legend – “Free Mason”

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<a href=""> <a href="">Rawse</a> brings along Hov & John Legend for what could possibly be the biggest collaboration (in name at least) on Teflon Don.


Rick Ross Feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele – “Aston Martin Music”

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<a href=""> Two Rick Ross/J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League/Teflon Don/carjob posts back-to-back? You betcha. Officer Ross is so rich, he has different skin tone friends to match each whip. So while you may find <a href="">the brown-skinned babies rapping in the Maybach</a>, the light-skinned singers get to roll in the Aston Martin.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu – “Maybach Music III”

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<a href=""> For his third victory lap in the backseat of luxury, Ross again flags down some prestigious passengers to join him along for the ride. After all, they all can fit right? Apparently so. Ms. Erykah Badu navigates the track with her sultry vocals and chauffeur cap while Tip and Kiss detail the spoils of the high life from the side windows. <a href="">Ricky</a> tops it off with a grandiose verse in slouch mode as if to capture the effects of him spilling lobster bisque all over his beard.

#Kanye West

Rick Ross Feat. Kanye West – “Live Fast, Die Young”

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<a href=""> Music in primary colors is what happens when <a href="">Rozay</a> and <a href="">Kanye </a> get together.

Teflon Don

Can We Just Give Ross His 3.5 Cigs Now?

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<a href=""> First of all, shouts to <a href="">The Albert Anastasia EP</a>, which is looking like the frontrunner for Freebie of the Year 2010.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. Ne-Yo – “Super High” Video

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<a href=""> Don't even think marijuana. Not even hydro. The only way you can experience this type of inebriation is to take a gumball of that Jim Belushi and stuff it right up your nostrils until they start to ooze blood (<a href="">eh</a>, <a href="">Gunplay</a>.

Teflon Don

Rick Ross Feat. Ne-Yo – “Super High”

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<a href=""> The label and their associates started an email campaign for this song approximately two weeks ago, cranking it up to an email every day for the past five days (including Sunday). To say the least, I'm glad it's here, over and done...until the next time around. In regular <a href="">Rawse</a> fashion, the beat - provided by <a href="">DJ Clark Kent</a> - is masterfully done.

The Olympicks

Rick Ross Feat. Chrisette Michele – “Mafia Music 2″ Video

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In addition to having one of the smoothest flows in the game, <a href="">Ricky Ross</a> is also a frontrunner for best presentation of a rap persona.

The Olympicks

Rick Ross Feat. Chrisette Michele – “Mafia Music 2″

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If it ain't broke (or you can jimmy rig it) no need to fix it.

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