#The Office

These Memorable TV Characters Arrived During Later Seasons And Stole The Show

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Some of the best characters in TV history weren't originally part of their shows.

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Is Not A Fan Of The Widescreen ‘Buffy’ Remaster

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Pivot is airing episodes of the hit show with a new cinematic format. Whedon doesn't like it, so he took to Twitter to express his distaste.

#The Walking Dead

Nathan Fillion Is Building His Team For The Zombie Apocalypse

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Nathan Fillion is building a team for the zombie apocalypse, and he's looking for folks with a specific set of skills.

#Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler Finally Revealed Her Favorite ‘SNL’ Sketch During Her Reddit AMA

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In her recent Reddit AMA, Amy Poehler talked about her favorite SNL sketches, kissing Adam Scott, and beating Nick Offerman in a fist fight.


SyFy Regrets Becoming SyFy, Hopes You Like Their New Show Ideas

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The new VP of programming for the network reveals the plan behind the next slate of original shows.


TBS Orders Road Trip Comedy Pilot From Samantha Bee And Jason Jones

By | 2 Comments

Samantha Bee and Jason Jone's road trip comedy has gotten a pilot order from TBS.


Lauren Graham Is Joining CBS’s ‘The Odd Couple’ Reboot

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Lauren Graham will be joining the cast of CBS's "The Odd Couple" as Oscar Madison's ex-wife Gaby.


John Cleese’s Lost Sketches Are The Next Best Thing To More Monty Python

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Episodes of an early sketch comedy series starring John Cleese and Graham Chapman have been found in David Frost's archives.


Watch Netflix’s Ominous Teaser For Kyle Chandler’s ‘Bloodline’

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Netflix has released a teaser trailer for their new drama series 'Bloodlines' starring Kyle Chandler, and its ominous tone and star-studded cast could make the show another winner for Netflix


Bill Burr’s Series ‘F Is For Family’ Is Heading To Netflix

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Bill Burr's new animated series "F is for Family" has been picked up by Netflix for a six-episode run.


A Encouraging And Dispiriting Sample Of Television’s Highest Paid Earners

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Jon Stewart makes a big splash on this year's list of Television's Highest Paid Earners.

#Mad Men

Your Complete Guide To 90s Stars Who Have Randomly Popped Up On ‘Mad Men’

By | 20 Comments

Did you see Lindsay Weir from Freeks and Geeks on Mad Men last night? She's not the first 90s star to pop up on the show, and she likely won't be the last.


Cablevision Sues Viacom Over Channel Bundles

By | 9 Comments

Cablevision used to love channel bundles. Now it's suing over them. We explain the change in tune.


Tom Hanks Curses on ‘Good Morning America’


GMA host Elizabeth Vargas asks Tom Hanks to do an Australian accent, and he gets so deep into character that he drops an f-bomb on live TV.


News To Make You Feel Old: ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Turns Twenty

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"Batman: The Animated Series" can almost legally drink. Damn, I feel old.




The latest Internet-created Breaking Bad faux-spinoff features Jesse Pinkman in a Seinfeld-esque sitcom.

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