Why Does This Coffee Percolator Sound Like A Women’s Tennis Match?

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Enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee AND the grunting sounds of a tennis match in one fell swoop!

chairs are hard

Elton John Fell Out Of His Chair At A Tennis Match And The Vine Is Hypnotic

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All indications are he's fine so don't feel bad for watching over and over. It's hypnotic.


Tommy Robredo Had The Best Reaction After Blowing 5 Match Points To Andy Murray

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Tommy Robredo went with a two-finger salute instead of a handshake after losing to Andy Murray.


Victoria Azarenka Throws Her Hat In The Ring For Worst Athlete-Turned-Singer Ever

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Prepare yourself for the worst rendition of Happy Birthday ever, courtesy of Victoria Azarenka.

Sara Errani

A Tennis Player Went Nuclear After A Horrendous Call From A Chair Ump

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Feisty Italian player Sara Errani had a beef with a chair ump that escalated rather quickly.

tough to break

Four Sports Challenges That Took Years To Defeat

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Records are made to be broken... but some records are more challenging than others.


The LEGO Movie Was Awesome, So Here’s 45 Great Sports Things Made Out Of LEGOs

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In honor of the crazy success of The LEGO Movie, we're taking a look back at 45 great, bad and unforgettable sports things recreated with LEGOs. In LEGO?


Because It’s Friday, Here’s A Very Important Video Of A Dog That Loves Tennis

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George the Golden Retriever loves watching tennis more than anyone else in the world.

#Jay Z

Take A Moment To Enjoy The Horribleness Of Andy Roddick’s Jay Z Impression

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Tennis star Andy Roddick is good at things. Tennis, being married to Brooklyn Decker. He's also bad at some stuff, like Jay Z impressions. Here's that.


With Leather’s Watch This: Stop What You’re Doing, Here Are Some Cats Playing Basketball!


Here's a video of some cats pretending to play basketball to help get you through this boring Tuesday afternoon.


Rory McIlroy Broke Up With Caroline Wozniacki Over An Unflattering Twitpic

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Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory McIlroy have reportedly broken up over an unauthorized Twitpic of McIlroy sleeping. Whoops!


Martina Hingis And Her Mom Attacked A Guy With A DVD Player, Might Send Russian Assassins After Him

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Tennis star/my 90s crush Martina Hingis teamed up with her mom to attack her husband, hitting him with a DVD player and threatening him with Russians (?).


Tennis Star Victoria Azarenka Pays Homage To Miley Cyrus, Instagram Twerks

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WTA #2 ranked tennis player Victoria Azarenka twerked on Instagram in tribute to Miley Cyrus.


There Were So, So, SO Many Stars At The U.S. Open This Weekend

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From Justin Timberlake to Sean Connery, the celebrities were out in full force to watch Rafael Nadal defeat Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open.


Kate Upton Was The Star Of The U.S. Open

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If you’re anything like me, you were completely oblivious to this weekend’s U.


With Leather’s Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Football? Say Yes.


About f*cking time, says the Miami Dolphins fan who will be cursing Jeff Ireland’s name (even more than he already does right now) by week 3.


With Leather’s Watch This: Some Rugby Bros Lip Synced ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

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At first I was super bummed that this video didn’t feature this car full of rugby bros actually singing the Guns N Roses/Sheryl Crow classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” but instead lip syncing to the hilarious scene in Step Brothers, in which Adam Scott directs his family in a spectacular rendition.

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