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Five Ways ‘Terminator: Genesis’ Could Save The Franchise And Five Ways It Could Tank It

By | 30 Comments

With news of Emilia Clarke being cast in the new 'Terminator' film, let's speculate on what a new series could be.

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A New Terminator TV Series Is Coming

By | 22 Comments

Well, the company behind the upcoming 'Terminator 5' is pretty optimistic, anyway.

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‘Terminator 2′ In 60 Seconds


Terminator 2: Judgment Day gets condensed down to 60 seconds thanks to some creative and entertaining animation.


The Military’s Walking Terminator Robot Is Now Advanced Enough To Do Pratfalls

By | 4 Comments

DARPA has built a Terminator-like robot capable of physical comedy...

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Tom Hardy And Daenerys Targaryen Among Those Sought For ‘Terminator’ Reboot

By | 12 Comments

Director Alan Taylor is testing an awesome group of actors for the 'Terminator' reboot trilogy, including Tom Hardy and Emilia Clarke ('Game of Thrones').


Here’s This Year’s Crop Of Terrible ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes

By | 25 Comments

Sexy, in Halloween costumes, is often code for "lazy", and man, they were really phoning it in this year.


DARPA Has Built A Terminator. No, Seriously.

By | 26 Comments

DARPA has officially unveiled the Atlas Robot. Yep, we've finally built a Terminator. And they're teaching it to drive.

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'Terminator' Is Getting Rebooted As A Trilogy, Come With Me If You Want To Stop Repeating The '80s

By | 21 Comments

Paramount issued a press release saying the fifth 'Terminator' movie would simply be called 'Terminator' and will be a reboot in a "stand-alone trilogy".


Here’s Anderson Silva In The Trailer For ‘Tapped,’ AKA Every MMA Movie Ever

By | 5 Comments

Burnsy is only one day into his <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/73-sports-movies-in-73-days" target="_blank">73 Sports Movies In 73 Days project</a>, but I'm hoping Tapped gets released in time to make the cut.

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Awesome Rumor: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Battling Arnold Schwarzenegger In ‘Terminator 5′?

By | 9 Comments

A new rumor purports Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) will play the Terminator in 'Terminator 5' and battle Arnold Schwarzeneggar to save the Conner family.

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More ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mashups And PSAs You Can Shake A Sausage At

By | 2 Comments

Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Game of Thrones' combined with 'Terminator 2', 'The Princess Bride', 'The Office', a Snuggie ad, PSAs, and more.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be Back To Star In ‘Terminator 5′ In January

By | 4 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he'll star as the Terminator in 'Terminator 5' next January, still trying to make 'King Conan' and 'Twins 2' happen.


Come With This Life-Sized Lego Terminator If You Want To Live


There's no fate but what the Lego Terminator makes.


Close Out Friday With Our Mother’s Day Mega-GIF Celebration

By | 5 Comments

Close out your day and celebrate Mother's Day with a collection of GIFs.


The Terminator-Style Robot Hand Is Back

By | 5 Comments

A person who has benefited from the Terminator-style robot hand (Bebionic3 prosthetic hand) demonstrates just how awesome it is.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back For ‘Terminator 5′

By | 7 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly confirmed he's involved in the next 'Terminator', which also has new producers and new writers.


‘Terminator 5′ Lumbers Forward With ‘Shutter Island’ And ‘Drive Angry’ Writers

By | 6 Comments

The 'Terminator' rights are finally settled, and two writers with widely different resumes have been hired to pen the 'Terminator 5' script.


Larry Ellison’s kids will save Terminator

By | 7 Comments

We hadn't heard anything about the Terminator franchise in a while, but if you think people forgot about it, you're wrong (IDIOT), because today <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2012/12/megan-ellison-enlists-brother-david-for-terminator-reboot/" target="_blank">Deadline</a> reports that Megan Ellison has enlisted her brother David to help produce a new one.

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Arnold’s Alternate “I’ll Be Back” Catchphrases


Arnold reveals in his new memoir that he fought with James Cameron over the use of his iconic catchphrase.

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