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Close Out Friday With Our Mother’s Day Mega-GIF Celebration

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Close out your day and celebrate Mother's Day with a collection of GIFs.


The Terminator-Style Robot Hand Is Back

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A person who has benefited from the Terminator-style robot hand (Bebionic3 prosthetic hand) demonstrates just how awesome it is.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back For ‘Terminator 5′

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly confirmed he's involved in the next 'Terminator', which also has new producers and new writers.


‘Terminator 5′ Lumbers Forward With ‘Shutter Island’ And ‘Drive Angry’ Writers

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The 'Terminator' rights are finally settled, and two writers with widely different resumes have been hired to pen the 'Terminator 5' script.


Larry Ellison’s kids will save Terminator

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We hadn't heard anything about the Terminator franchise in a while, but if you think people forgot about it, you're wrong (IDIOT), because today <a href="" target="_blank">Deadline</a> reports that Megan Ellison has enlisted her brother David to help produce a new one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s Alternate “I’ll Be Back” Catchphrases


Arnold reveals in his new memoir that he fought with James Cameron over the use of his iconic catchphrase.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold originally thought “I’ll be back” was “too feminine”

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Whether it's <a href="" target="_blank">Eric Stoltz playing Marty McFly</a> or Han Solo <a href="" target="_blank">telling</a> Princess Leia "I love you too," it's always weird to hear how iconic movies might have been different if things hadn't turned out exactly the way they did.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's Official, Nobody Liked Terminator Salvation — Schwarzenegger Joins the Salvation Haters Club

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So, Terminator Salvation was a disappointment -- that is, if you can call a movie directed by McG turning out bad a disappointment.


Intense Dogs Staring Into Your Soul (And Links)


‘I’m Here To Talk To You About The Avenger Initiative’: The Definitive Response GIF Collection |UPROXX| Google Would Like To Introduce You To Project Glass, The Eyewear Of The Future |UPROXX| ‘Justified’ Q&A With Writers Jon Worley And VJ Boyd |Warming Glow| The [...].

Action Movies

Which Action Star Has Inspired the Worst Video Games? Another (Sort of) Scientific Study

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A couple months back I conducted a (sort of) <a href="" target="_blank">scientific study</a> to determine which superhero sucks the hardest when it comes to video game adaptations.

Beyond Dogfort

Beyond Dog Fort, Episode 18: Terminator


Welcome to <a href="">Beyond Dogfort</a>, our original webcomic placing the <a href="">Dogfort meme</a> in the context of classic sci-fi.


Guess Who McG Wanted To Cast In His Version Of Superman

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A supervillain should always have an entourage of monkeys.


The Awesome Terminator And Transformers Cosplay Of Peter Kokis


Peter Kokis of <a href="">Brooklyn RobotWorks</a>* builds exoskeletal costumes of famous robots and prop weapons out of regular household items, recycled plastic containers, hardware, pet supplies, sporting goods, and other relatively cheap stuff repurposed and repainted to make something awesome.


This Is Literally Metal: The Awesome Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Original Giants Of Steel


Earlier this month, car enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, AKA the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Shoulder Massagers Decided To Start The Robopocalypse Early


The FDA has issued an alert about the ShoulderFlex Massager manufactured by King International after one death and one near-strangulation were alleged to have been caused by the device.

betty white

The Marine Corps Ball Just Got Awkward, Thanks to Linda Hamilton. Wait, what?

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As with any Internet meme or YouTube trend, things are bound to get old after one too many people gets in on the joke.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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Are you a cosplayer or cosplay photographer who would like to be featured on Gamma Squad.


Megan Ellison buys rights to Terminator franchise

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Megan Ellison, 25-year-old daughter of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, has quickly become known as some kind of indie movie savior, stepping in to finance films movie dorks (read: people like me) want to see, like <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Thomas Anderson's movie</a> about Scientology, an <a href="" target="_blank">untitled collaboration</a> between Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, a <a href="" target="_blank">Bin Laden project</a> from Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, and just yesterday, Martin McDonagh's <a href="" target="_blank">incredible sounding follow up</a> to In Bruges, starring Rourke, Rockwell, Walken, and Farrell, just to name a few.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

‘Terminator 2012′ to feature ‘entire original cast’

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Look, I like Terminator 2 as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure that means I want to see a flabby, 63-year-old robot in a movie from the guy who directed Fast Five and <a href="" target="_blank">Annapolis</a> (is it just me or is it bizarre that James Franco was in that.

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