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15 Important Reminders That WWE Superstars Should Not Be Allowed To Record Music

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I don't know what it is about fame that makes people think they can be musicians.


How To Survive A Hot Chelle Rae Pro Bowl Performance

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By way of Sportress Of Blogitude comes this hilarious/cautionary clip of a young boy asked to participate in Hot Chelle Rae's 2012 Pro Bowl performance, trying desperately to heed the Myth of Icarus and not fly too close to the musical sun.


Sh*t Yankees Fans Say Contains None Of The Things I Say About Yankees Fans

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To their credit, that's mostly just "ugh, look at this asshole".


In Case You Were Wondering What Mandy Moore Thought Of UFC On Fox

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In this promotional clip for Ultimate Fighting Championship's broadcast television debut on Saturday, November 12, teen pop singer turned inspirational Christian actress turned alt-country wife turned Disney princess Mandy Moore offers her opinion on who she thinks will win the heavyweight title bout between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.


Sir Mix-A-Lot Loves This Hippo’s Huge Inflatable Ass

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If you're a regular reader at With Leather, you know how much I love mascots.

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Silva VS. Bieber Set For UFC 136

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Another day, another story about Justin Bieber, the world's Sexiest Teenage Man, shoehorning himself into the world of sports because he's rich and popular enough to do anything he wants.


Meet The Fresh New Face Of The NFL

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You may have woken up screaming from feverish nightmares last night and somehow just known this, but Madonna is performing at this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

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Justin Bieber: Golf Boy

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Like everywhere else on the Internet, we end up talking about Justin Bieber way more than we should.


Nickelback: Not The Solution To Hockey’s Depression Problem

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A "major Canadian concert act" is scheduled to perform at next month's NHL FaceOff in Winnipeg.


In The Arms Of The Morning Links, Fly Away From Here

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Sports NBC Buys 80's Wrestling Drama from The Rock - Matt Ufford gave me a shout-out in this, and he's right; my personal career goal is to have the people in charge of this show find my Best and Worst reports, realize I'm the man for the job, put me in charge and let me turn it into an actual NWA 80s wrestling show without any confrontational family moments or walking conversations.

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Miley Cyrus: Bowling Legend

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Miley Cyrus has made a sustainable, blockbuster career out of professions that shouldn't make her famous.


Jason Terry Now The Least Cool NBA Player


By way of The Basketball Jones comes the debut rap video from Allen Samuels, a 30-plus-year casino host and 50-plus-year awkward white dude who had an epiphany whilst talking to a flamboyant Frenchman and transformed himself into the Baby Boomer Rebecca Black.


The Dugout: F@#%ing Avril Lavigne

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For absolutely no reason, welcome to our new weekday feature All Avril Afternoons, where Burnsy and I choose to sit inside and write about Avril instead of running around barefoot in the grass and enjoying what's left of our youth.


At Least Kobe Isn’t Rapping Again

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Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has found his way back to the rap world, and yes I checked to make sure I spelled rap, rapper and rapping correctly for each use.

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