Every Character On 'Scandal' Ranked From Least To Most Terrible

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"Scandal" is a show filled with terrible human beings. Here they all are, ranked for your pleasure.


‘Scandal’ Recap: HOLY MOLY, ‘Scandal’

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'Scandal' may have just had its craziest episode yet. That's really saying something.

The Internet

Awful People Are Using The Internet To Unload Unwanted Children

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It's called "re-homing", but it's really using the Internet to get rid of that kid you don't want any more.


CBS Aired A Bunch Of The Racist And Derogatory Comments Made By The ‘Big Brother’ Cast

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After a week of criticism, CBS decided to air some of the racist and derogatory comments made by members of the "Big Brother" cast.


Lil Wayne: Still Terrible

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If, by chance, you woke up today and wondered, "Is Lil Wayne still terrible." The answer, in fact, is yes -- Lil Wayne is still terrible.



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Wanna feel terrible about society and the state of television news.

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