Some Dude Got His Nipple Photoshopped Clear Off In This Diet Coke Ad

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Diet Coke understands that nipples on a man really are just superfluous, so they've taken care to remove them.

#Kanye West

The Internet's Best Reactions To The Horribly Photoshopped 'Vogue' Photo Of Kanye West

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This horrifyingly embarrassing 'Vogue' Photoshop blunder is the most entertaining thing on the internet today.


Check Out Target's New Crotchless Bikini Bottoms That Aren't As Sexy As You'd Think

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Target's website featured product photos of teenage swimsuit models with their vaginas removed. Good job!


A Facebook Photo Of A (Fake) Winning Powerball Ticket Has Been Shared 2 Million Times


If a picture looks too good to be true, it's usually too good to be true, like the recently viral Facebook photo of a man and his winning Powerball ticket.


30 One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows

By | 51 Comments

I have a confession to make: My favorite show on TV right now is The Vanilla Ice Project.

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