Here’s A Cee Lo Parody Video About Dwight Howard Made By … The Newspaper? Seriously?


If you'd stumbled upon an off-key parody song about Dwight Howard throwing the Orlando Magic under the bus set to Cee Lo Green's 2010 hit 'F**k Forget You,' you'd probably say "wow, this is dumb," followed by "this must be pretty old" and "some weird Internet guy made this.


Great Moments In Social Media Marketing: Celeb Boutique Tweet Invokes Aurora And Kim Kardashian FTW

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Move over Rep. Louie Gohment and the NRA -- we have a new frontrunner in the race to see who can make the biggest ass of themselves in the wake of the Theater 9 tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.


Flop Floppy Flop Flop Flop

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The unranked Florida State seminoles defeated the top ranked Duke Blue Devils in Tallahassee last night, which is great, because I love it when bad things happen to teams that receive special treatment.


The ABA Is Entertaining and Awful

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Considering that I had not the slightest idea the ABA still existed, this story came as a shock to me, and is certainly more interesting than hearing more Jim Harbaugh rumors.

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