Friday Conversation: Give Us Your Netflix Binge-Watch Recommendations

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Hey, you! Give us some recommendations for TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix!


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Awesome Donal Logue

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A much deserved appreciation post for one of the best and most prolific actors on television, Donal Logue.


9 Netflix Series That You Can Watch In Their Entirety In Under 9 Hours

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Nine TV series on Netflix than you can binge watch with (or without) your family over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend.


Donal Logue Helped A Stranger Propose To His Girlfriend

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"Terriers" star Donal Logue continues to be the best by helping a stranger propose to his GF.


'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Campaign Hits $2 Million In 10 Hours; Is A 'Terriers' Movie Next?

By | 23 Comments

What does the wild success of the 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter mean to the movie industry?


Donal Logue’s Brilliant But Canceled ‘Terriers’ May Be Returning

By | 21 Comments

Shawn Ryan is working on a plan to continue 'Terriers' as a two-hour movie through the use of Kickstarter.


10 Netflix Instant TV Comedy Recommendations That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

By | 59 Comments

Ten comedy series available on Netflix Instant that are a little outside of the typical series recommendations.


Television’s 12 Most Bad-Ass Brag Lines

By | 45 Comments

A celebration of some of the most bad-ass quotes from television's most mythical characters.


10 Shows that Netflix Should Revive Before 'Jericho'

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It's been a whirlwind year for Netflix, as it attempts to stay well ahead of the curve.


A Q&A With ‘Justified’ Writer Jon Worley

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I don't remember exactly when it was brought to my attention, or by whom, but at some point around the end of last year, I found out that first-year "Justified" writer Jon Worley was a fan of Uproxx and Warming Glow.


Hey Look! Good News! Kinda!

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In news that television experts are calling "good," and "a thinly-disguised excuse to run that image at the top of a post for the millionth time," Variety is reporting that Hulu and Sony have struck a deal that will bring all three seasons of "Community," as well as next day airing rights, to their subscription service, Hulu Plus.


Shawn Ryan Is Gonna Try Again

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For seven years, Shawn Ryan created some of the most daring and groundbreaking stories on television as head writer of "The Shield.


The Ten Best TV Episodes of the 2010-11 Season

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The month of May, with sweeps and upfront presentations, marks the end of the traditional television season.


10 Great Shows That Died After One Season

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When a television show goes off the air after only one season we are left with some pretty big and unanswerable questions: Where do TV shows come from.


These Links Seem Kinda Unsafe

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I like the part with the boobs.


‘Terriers’ Canceled :(

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, FX canceled the charming but unwatched private investigator drama "Terriers" yesterday.


What’s on Tonight: ‘Terriers’

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Terriers (FX) -- Alan Sepinwall has a lengthy but excellent article about why you should watch "Terriers" and why FX shouldn't cancel it.

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