Video – “Big Pun: The Legacy” Trailer

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The recent dust-up between <a href="">Joe</a> or <a href="">Liza Rios</a> has taken attention away from Christopher Rios and the mark he managed to leave behind in only five years of work.


Fat Joe, Big Pun, Liza Rios & The Money

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A few days ago, video surfaced of Pun's wife making claims that she lives in a homeless shelter & her family struggling.

#Jay Z

“New York Giants…”

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There's always been the unsubstantiated story of Jay-Z, Terror Squad & bottles poppin' in a club (and not in a celebratory manner).

Terror Squad

(C)Rank That – ’98 Edition: Def Squad Vs. Terror Squad Remakes

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<a href="">Delightful. </a> When you decide to remake one of the most influential rap songs of all time, you better do it right.

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