A New York City Bomb Squad Found A Bag Containing 1,000 Condoms In A Bus Station

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Looks like someone needs to find a better hiding place for their "snow day stash." Hopefully, they don't actually call it that.

Charlie Hebdo

A French Comedy Show Rips Fox News For Declaring Paris A ‘No-Go Zone’

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A French comedy show parodies actual Fox News reports about Paris being a dangerous city.


At Least 12 Killed In Terrorist Attack On French Satirical Paper That Mocked Muslim Prophet Muhammad

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The Paris office of a satirical newspaper similar to The Onion was attacked Wednesday, with masked gunmen killing at least 12 people.

#The Interview

Report: Theaters May Be Allowed To Opt Out Of Showing ‘The Interview’ Due To Alleged Terror Threats

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Following anonymous threats on the film, theaters now have the choice to pull showings of 'The Interview' as a safety precaution.

call of duty

The New Yorker Thinks ‘Call Of Duty’ Will Make You A Terrorist

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An otherwise great piece on video games, culture, and terrorism ends on an unfortunately dumb note.

evil dicks

Authorities Believe That The Man Who Beheaded Photojournalist James Foley Is This British Rapper

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A rapper from West London is believed to be the man who beheaded photojournalist James Foley in a video that hit the web last week.


Watch Russell Brand Deconstruct A Fox News Segment To Demonstrate How It’s A ‘Terrorist Organization’

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Russell Brand expertly breaks down a crazy rant by Judge Jeanine Pirro. His conclusion: Fox News is more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.


Don’t Tweet Your Terrorist Jokes At American Airlines Like This Teen Girl Did

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American Airlines doesn't appreciate your terrorism tweets, teens.


Supercut: We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists


When it comes to terrorists, no one in the movies is willing to negotiate.


60 Minutes Investigation: Benghazi Was A Planned Al Qaeda Attack

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Last night 60 Minutes aired what it billed as the result of a one-year investigation into the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.


KKK Member Arrested In Terror Plot Involving Radiation Death Ray

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A man claiming to be a member of the KKK was arrested for his alleged terror plot that would have targeted Muslims with a portable radiation death ray.


Law Enforcement: ‘Substantial Progress’ Made In Boston Bombing Investigation, Ricin Sent To The White House

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Things are happening rapidly in the Boston bombing investigation. It feel like September 2001 all over again.


Knock It Off, American Lung Association

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This commercial, part of a series by the American Lung Association titled "Red Carriage" aimed at educating viewers about air pollution and corporate attempts to roll back environmental protection laws, has been flooding the airwaves lately, and I absolutely cannot take it anymore.


Your Facebook Page Can Get You Booted From A Flight


Let's face it, we've all done things we regret on social media.


Hey, Homeland Security, The Hulk Is Not A Terrorist

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Mark Ruffalo (who's playing the Hulk) has been added to a terror advisory watch list by Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security.

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