At Least It’s Competitive: Sports At The Country Music Awards


Last night's 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards featured a lot of the usual suspects -- Taylor Swift crying about winning an award she expected to win, a touching tribute to Texas Ranger La Boeuf and Darius Rucker turning "and the Blowfish" into a full-blown country music career -- but the best parts were when sports guys showed up, because I haven't gone lifestyle yet and can't write about The Zac Brown Band on my sports blog.


Big Dork Doesn’t Like Big Ben


Amid the fallout after the determination by Ocmulgee Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright that Ben Roethlisberger would not face criminal charges relating to his alleged hanky-panky in a Georgia nightclub earlier this year is the news that Fox NFL analyst/resident hick Terry Bradshaw ain't none too fond of Big Ben and his highfalutin' antics.

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