This Guy Is Renting Out A Bed In His Tesla For $85 A Night


Save money on a hotel and rent out a bed in this guy's Tesla on Airbnb for $85 a night.


And Now Here’s A Naked Man Dancing On Top Of His Tesla In Busy L.A. Traffic

By | 3 Comments

People getting naked and dancing on their Teslas may explain L.A. traffic.


Elon Musk Demonstrates An Awesome New Feature On The New Model S With GIFS

By | 9 Comments

The new feature on Tesla Motors Model S is wonderfully portrayed through the power of the Gif.


Why New Jersey’s Ban Of Tesla Motors Is Bad For Everyone

By | 24 Comments

Tesla Motors was just banned in New Jersey. And that's just the start of a nasty trend.


Tesla Repays Your Tax Dollars Nine Years Early

By | 7 Comments

Tesla has proven the electric car business can be a profitable one, by repaying the government nearly a decade before it had to.

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