Lance Armstrong Drew A Very Awkward Card While Playing Cards Against Humanity

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Lance Armstrong Tweeted a photo of a card that he pulled during a game of Cards Against Humanity, and it hit definitely hit home.


A Teen Is In A Coma After A Friend Squeezed His Testicles And Gave Him A Heart Attack

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Wearing a cup around your friends probably isn't a bad idea after reading this story.


A Nebraska Inmate Had His Testicles ‘Partially Detatched’ By A Fellow Inmate

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Two murderer inmates at the Douglas County Jail in Nebraska got into a fight and somebody's testicles were partially ripped off. Happy Weekend!


Let's Take A Moment To Celebrate The Great March Madness Tradition Of Vasectomies

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Let's take a closer look at the great deals that urologists offer for vasectomies before and during the NCAA Tournament.


Who Wants To See What Having Three Testicles Looks Like? Reddit To The Rescue!

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Have you ever wondered what having more than two testicles would look like? If so then today's your lucky day!


Add ‘Broken Testicle Veins’ To The List Of Injuries You Never Want To Hear Again

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In a 2-0 loss to Barcelona, Getafe defender Alexis Ruano was carried off the pitch by stretcher after he suffered broken veins in one of his testicles.


Syfy In Real Life: Testicle-Eating Fish From The Amazon Are Invading Europe

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Fishermen in Sweden recently caught a pacu, a relative of the piranha best-known for biting people's testicles off.

cosmetic surgery

George Clooney’s ‘Ball Ironing’ Is The New Craze That’s Taking Over Hollywood

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Men like George Clooney in Hollywood and beyond are reportedly visiting cosmetic experts to have the wrinkles ironed out of their testicles.

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