This Funny ‘Real Life Tetris’ Prank Reveals That Tetris Pieces Are Total Jerks


What if tetrominoes came to life? A lot of rude behavior, apparently.

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Beyond The Konami Code: 10 Classic Gaming Cheats You’ll Wish You Knew As A Kid


Think you know all the secrets from your favorite 8-bit games? Here's a few you'll kick yourself for missing.


This Video Takes You Inside The Head Of A Real Life ‘Tetris Master’

Eli Markstrom, one of the best Tetris players in the world, came out to compete in the World Tetris Championships.


After Years Of Jokes On The Internet, Somebody Really Is Trying To Make A Movie Out Of ‘Tetris’


No, really. 'Tetris.' They're making a movie out of it. Yes it's real. We checked.

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Here’s A Bunch Of Kids Reacting To An Original Game Boy To Make You Feel Super Old


What do the iPad generation think of the original pea soup Gameboy?

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Please Enjoy This Fully Playable ‘Tetris’ T-Shirt


You can certainly play 'Tetris' on this t-shirt, just don't be surprised if the person wearing it gets tired of it pretty quick.

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Ten Fascinating Facts About Tetris On Its Thirtieth Anniversary


Tetris turns 30 today, and we celebrate with some fascinating facts.

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Skip The Gym, Grab A Controller: Scientists Discover ‘Tetris’ Can Help You Lose Weight


How long until they're selling 'Tetris' next to zero fat yogurt and 100-calorie granola thins at the supermarket?


Philadelphia Just Broke The World Record For The Largest Game Of ‘Tetris’ On The Side Of A Skyscraper

Last night Philadelphia broke the world record for the largest game of Tetris ever, and we had someone UPROXX-adjacent at the scene.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.

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Playing Tetris Helps Treat A Tricky Vision Problem. SCIENCE!

Robert Hess and his team at McGill University have found a shockingly-fast treatment for Amblyopia that we can totally get behind: playing Tetris.


Stop Motion Tetris Chalk Art

Artist Chris Carlson creates an impressive stop-motion Tetris animation -- using nothing but chalk.


Pumpktris: The Playable Tetris Pumpkin

Pumpktris is a fully playable version of Tetris built into a pumpkin, with 128 LEDs for the display and the stem serving as a controller.


80s Nintendo Power Once Told Steve Wozniak To Get Lost And Take His Tetris Scores With Him

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak liked him some Tetris. Nintendo Power wasn't impressed.

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Humpday Mashup Dump

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of John DiMaggio.


No Way He Did This Without Tearing Every Muscle In His Body

Yep, that's Frank Thomas shooting the puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game and not immediately collapsing in agony.

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Tetris Now Available to Play on a Building Near You!


Tetris is playable on pretty much everything -- consoles, computers, handhelds, phones, watches, calculators -- and now you can add MIT's iconic Green Building to its list of supported platforms.


35 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards


[via] Every year we post several geeky parody valentines before Valentine's Day.

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These Tetris Masters Put Our Block-Laying To Shame

Who among us hasn't had a love/hate relationship with Tetris at some point in our lives.

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